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Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom Lagos,Nigeria/ Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom Lagos,Nigeria 2023

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Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom Lagos,Nigeria

We are in the digital age and the teachers we have in Nigerian schools today are mostly not digitally inclined compared to the students they are training. The teachers still use the old teaching method used in the 80s for the 21st-century students. Many do not even understand how effective and impactful the use of OERs can be to the Educational sector. During our pilot phase of this training in Lagos State, from our evaluation, we realised many teachers do not know about Wikipedia, they do not know how to research content, create, adapt, and differentiate between reliable sources from sources that are not reliable and they also do not know that they can use Wikipedia as an educational resource and it is also a repository of information. Unfortunately, these findings cut across many secondary schools in Lagos State

With this training, we are building a community of teachers who are digitally savvy, while improving their media and information Literacy skills and this in turn will help their writing skills, critical thinking, and research skills. The training will also help students who are trained by the teachers to improve their research skills, analytic skills, and writing skills.

The Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom Lagos State was officially launched last year 2022 in a pilot phase, where we trained 50 teachers from the Lagos State Government. The last training for the teachers in Lagos State has metamorphosed into me creating a Reading Wikipedia in the classroom Club. We now have 30 teachers out of the 50 who joined the RWIC Club.

This is the second cohort of the training in Lagos State, Nigeria. This year we had over 155participants signed up for the training across Nigeria.


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Participants list[edit]

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