Requests for comment/Abuse on Zazaki Wikipedia

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The following request for comments is closed. The pages in question were deleted and the original filer of this request has asked for its closure. Snowolf How can I help? 12:09, 20 June 2013 (UTC)[reply]

Here is a proof of abuse, there are 420 articles with same content here --Gomada

Hello. There is some guy at Zazaki Wikipedia[1] and He just created 6 thousands empty articles. (Or all articles include same content) What can we do? Who can stop that Vandal? Maybe you will say , why Zazaki admins dont do anything, They are a crew (4 people). Nowadays , just diq:User:Mirzali and diq:User:Erdemaslancan keep vandalism. Btw Mirzali is admin but he doesnt really care Zazaki or rules of Wikipedia. I wrote him but , they just want to show that there are many articles in Zazaki. Few weeks ago , there were 4000 articles but now there are 11,583. and all new articles created by same person (Erdemaslancan). I wrote to Erdemaslancan. I wanted him to stop vandalism, but he did not stop. I want you to help. Look at articles that he created btw , he uses different accounts.diq:User:Abramoviç is same person. Have a nice day. --Gomada 17:35, 21 August 2011 (UTC)[reply]

Gomada, this is an internal issue to the Zazaki Wikipedia community. There is no vandalism as far as I can see, just mass-creation of stubs. Are you a member of Zazaki Wikipedia community? If so, why not deal with it within the Zazaki Wikipedia community? Otherwise, why do you care, when Zazaki Wikipedia is being enriched? --Node ue 07:36, 17 September 2011 (UTC)[reply]
Poor guy , you just oppose me or you really care Wikipedia?! You are blind , you dont see anything ;) Dont waste your time, i dont wanna keep to argue with you in every where. Im bored of that. Stop it! Go to waste your time for something useful. --Gomada 10:10, 17 September 2011 (UTC)[reply]
Interestingly, Kurmanji Wikipedia has more sub-stub articles than Zazaki, although they're similar in size: Kurmanji has 13,114 low quality sub-stub articles (almost the entire number of articles), while Zazaki only has 11,947. So until you are ready to delete 13,114 articles from the Kurmanji Wikipedia, your complaints here seem rather hypocritical. As far as wasting time, you seem to be the one who's wasting time which would be better spent expanding articles on the Kurmanji Wikipedia, which is currently a stubfactory. --Node ue 15:42, 17 September 2011 (UTC)[reply]
Look at this articles, all are same content: [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7]... click this -->there are 420 same article here, So, the point is not just looking at number. Look at content, what there is! --Gomada
You look like a hater, i dont wanna waste my time with you. Btw , You are blind that you dont wanna see that there is abuse on Zazaki wikipedia. We are not here for fight, i try to protect zazaki wikipedia. That guy (Erdemaslancan) uses many accounts and demolish zazaki wikipedia. Whatever , he is blocked now , but temporarly. I hope he will not be back to zazaki wikipedia once again.--Gomada 21:10, 11 October 2011 (UTC)[reply]

Please stop this Kurdish nationalist rassist like Gomada. Zazasread about zaza and see the reality are not Kurds, and thus is Zazaki also not a Kurdish language. He changes the articles with the Kurdish alphabet. It destroys the whole project and robs us of precious time. He is not entitled to do so. He leads the people astray with his polemical statement. He is himself a Kurd, and speaks not a word Zazaki. His slander against me is just a bad notice, nothing more. -- Mirzali

Quick Solution:
Ban the two from making edits relating to the wiki in dispute, widely construed, and an interaction ban (directly and indirectly). The two bans will be for no less than 1 year, and when done, the two will remain until determined that they are able to work collaborativly. This should be a global ban, and will be posted on [[meta:]].

This is original zazaki alphabet. I want you to check it, Zaza linguists use it and i want you to decide who destroys. Mirzali is a linguist? Why he decide instead of all zaza people? He has created his own kingdom in zazaki wikipedia, thats why none of zaza people can contribute there. He is the only user there. I have a simple example for you. Look at my contributions please. I want to know, what is wrong there? Why did he block me? This is a free project, but if you let such people , they create their own tyranny. He just block people with any reason.--Gomada 13:40, 15 October 2011 (UTC)[reply]

The pages (empty, same content etc.) that i have said, (nearly 12,000 pages) were deleted. Therefore, this request can be closed.--Gomada (talk) 13:18, 16 April 2013 (UTC)[reply]