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Classical Chinese Wikisource[edit]

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This proposal has been rejected.
This decision was taken by the language committee in accordance with the Language proposal policy based on the discussion on this page.

The closing committee member provided the following comment:

Please, use Chinese Wikisource for texts in Classical Chinese. --Millosh 06:04, 3 March 2010 (UTC)[reply]
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Arguments in favour[edit]

  • Alot of books in the zh-wikisource, which i think is mainly for mandarin, are written in classical chinese. i simply propose we create this so we can move them here. one does not need knowledge of reading classical chinese because we can just transfer the material to this one. 大天王皇子 02:05, 21 December 2008 (UTC)[reply]

Arguments against[edit]

  • I propose closing it immediately by the following reasons:

I) Without any communication with the editors in Chinese Wikisource before. Since the editors in there are very hard-working and creating Literary Chinese Books and Modern Chinese Books at the same time. It is meaningless to separate this project into two, which is not efficient!

II) The proposer even does not prove that he knows Literary Chinese! Also he is not a editor in Chinese Wikisource too! He just propose something based on his subjective idea, and does not consider any real interests.

III) Before propose creating a new Wikimedia project, he should find some people promising to contribute the new project, but he does not do this. (And I beleive that no one will promise to help him, since most of the Chinese Wikisource editors are working normally and I do not hear any separating opinions) He just raise his idea without any consideration.--Itsmine 02:23, 21 December 2008 (UTC)[reply]

  • There is no demand for a Wikisource Classical Chinese, by the following reasons:

I) The once established Old English Wikisource was closed, because English Wikisource accepts texts in Middle English. People do not need two projects.

II) As for Chinese, the current Chinese Wikisource has already accepted lots of Classical Chinese poems, novels, etc. At Wikipedia:互助客栈/方针 no one think that another Wiki project is needed.

III) Despite the clause “Only Wikisource wikis in ancient or historical languages are accepted” in the language policy, I think that this policy should only be valid to languages which have already extincted, such as Coptic or Gothic. (Coptic was a national language of Egypt, but nowadays Egyptians use Arabic.) Classical Chinese did not extinct. Classical Chinese evolves into modern Chinese. (Compare: Arabic is not a descendant of Coptic.)

The word Chinese language applies to 21st century Chinese and also 200 BCE Chinese. Therefore it is of no point to have another Chinese language Wikisource. --Hello World! 19:43, 23 December 2008 (UTC)[reply]
  • I strongly oppose opening a separate Classical Chinese Wikisource. Before Chinese Wikisource broke away from Old Multilingual Wikisource years ago, traditional and simplified Chinese could not be readily converted. When I would like to have Chinese break away, following the trend of many other languages, I requested one Chinese Wikisource for both traditional and simplified Chinese with internal converter as in other Chinese wikis. Once broken away, the internal converter unites traditional and simplified Chinese in one wiki. As Classical, Vernacular, traditional, and simplified Chinese are all Chinese, Chinese Wikisource accepts all of them and we have a well-sized internal community capable of self-governing. Please keep Chinese Wikisource united from unneeded division and reject this request at once.--Jusjih 05:07, 18 January 2010 (UTC) (Chinese Wikisource administrator and bureaucrat)[reply]

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