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This page lists requests for new language wikis of existing projects (to start an entirely new project, see requests for new projects). All requests must conform to the Language proposal policy (see instructions for adding a new request).
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Language committee
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Open requests

See also the related edit logs: open, on hold, verified as eligible, approved.

project official status status since
Wikibooks Bashkir Discussion 24-Dec-2016
Wikibooks Badaga Verified as eligible 19-Nov-2009
Wikibooks Cantonese Discussion 17-Aug-2016
Wikibooks Cebuano 2 Discussion 14-Aug-2016
Wikibooks Gilaki Verified as eligible 04-Nov-2007
Wikibooks Gujarati Discussion 06-Jan-2016
Wikibooks Javanese 2 Verified as eligible 17-May-2007
Wikibooks Ladino Verified as eligible 07-Jan-2014
Wikibooks Latvian Verified as eligible 25-Sep-2010
Wikibooks Rajasthani Discussion 21-May-2007
Wikibooks Zazaki Discussion 25-Jul-2012
Wikinews Armenian Verified as eligible 25-Dec-2012
Wikinews Afrikaans Discussion 15-Apr-2011
Wikinews Amharic Verified as eligible 25-May-2008
Wikinews Azerbaijani Verified as eligible 30-Mar-2011
Wikinews Basque Verified as eligible 19-Dec-2007
Wikinews Bengali Discussion 28-Dec-2014
Wikinews Cantonese (yue) Verified as eligible 28-Feb-2010
Wikinews Croatian Verified as eligible 30-Mar-2011
Wikinews Danish Verified as eligible 30-Jul-2010
Wikinews Dutch Verified as eligible 29-Mar-2013
Wikinews Galego Verified as eligible 15-Aug-2011
Wikinews Georgian Verified as eligible 05-Nov-2008
Wikinews Gilaki Verified as eligible 14-Jan-2008
Wikinews Hindi Verified as eligible 22-Apr-2008
Wikinews Indonesian Verified as eligible 27-Mar-2010
Wikinews Javanese Verified as eligible 24-Apr-2008
Wikinews Kurdish Verified as eligible 05-Mar-2010
Wikinews Limburgish Verified as eligible 13-Jan-2008
Wikinews Lithuanian Verified as eligible 19-Dec-2007
Wikinews Low Saxon Verified as eligible 19-Dec-2007
Wikinews Macedonian Discussion 02-Oct-2016
Wikinews Nepali Discussion 28-Oct-2014
Wikinews Northern Lurish Discussion 02-Nov-2013
Wikinews Malagasy Verified as eligible 17-Feb-2009
Wikinews Malay Verified as eligible 25-Aug-2008
Wikinews Malayalam Discussion 20-Sep-2011
Wikinews Pipil Discussion 06-Apr-2013
Wikinews Sicilian Verified as eligible 12-Nov-2008
Wikinews Sinhala Verified as eligible 14-Dec-2010
Wikinews Slovene Verified as eligible 10-May-2008
Wikinews Tagalog Verified as eligible 19-Dec-2007
Wikinews Thai Discussion 07-Jul-2015
Wikinews Urdu Verified as eligible 27-Jan-2009
Wikinews Uyghur Verified as eligible 19-Feb-2010
Wikinews Vietnamese Verified as eligible 08-Apr-2011
Wikinews Zazaki Discussion 25-Jul-2012
Wikipedia Aghem Discussion 12-Apr-2011
Wikipedia Ainu 2 Discussion 10-Jun-2012
Wikipedia Aklanon Discussion 30-Oct-2011
Wikipedia Akoose Verified as eligible 16-May-2012
Wikipedia Alabama Verified as eligible 28-Sep-2008
Wikipedia Algerian Verified as eligible 04-Jul-2009
Wikipedia American Sign Language 2 Verified as eligible 29-Nov-2008
Wikipedia Angika Verified as eligible 14-Mar-2011
Wikipedia Ao Verified as eligible 21-Apr-2007
Wikipedia Arwi Discussion 14-Jun-2016
Wikipedia Assyrian Neo Aramaic Discussion 11-Sep-2012
Wikipedia Atikamekw Discussion 19-Dec-2016
Wikipedia Awadhi Discussion 16-Jan-2014
Wikipedia Badaga Verified as eligible 19-Nov-2009
Wikipedia Bafia Discussion 12-Apr-2011
Wikipedia Bahrani Arabic Discussion 01-Jun-2008
Wikipedia Bakhtiari Verified as eligible 01-Jun-2008
Wikipedia Balinese 3 Verified as eligible 28-Aug-2010
Wikipedia Balkan Romani Verified as eligible 19-Dec-2007
Wikipedia Baniwa Verified as eligible 25-Jun-2011
Wikipedia Basaa Discussion 12-Apr-2011
Wikipedia Brahui Verified as eligible 17-Apr-2010
Wikipedia Braille Discussion 07-Nov-2016
Wikipedia British Sign Language Verified as eligible 04-Nov-2010
Wikipedia Campidanese Sardinian Discussion 19-Dec-2012
Wikipedia Cajun French Verified as eligible 21-Jul-2007
Wikipedia Cape Verdean Creole Discussion 24-Oct-2011
Wikipedia Capiznon Verified as eligible 24-Jan-2010
Wikipedia Central Alaskan Yup'ik Verified as eligible 31-Aug-2010
Wikipedia Central Morocco Tamazight Verified as eligible 19-Dec-2007
Wikipedia Chhattisgarhi Discussion 16-Dec-2015
Wikipedia Chinuk wawa On hold 05-Mar-2010
Wikipedia Chukchi Discussion 29-Aug-2010
Wikipedia Dargwa Discussion 17-Feb-2015
Wikipedia Dalmatian 2 Discussion 21-Sep-2011
Wikipedia Doteli Discussion 24-Aug-2014
Wikipedia Duala Discussion 12-Apr-2011
Wikipedia Dusun Verified as eligible 17-Jul-2011
Wikipedia Eastern Bolivian Guaraní On hold 07-Apr-2016
Wikipedia East Franconian German Verified as eligible 30-Oct-2013
Wikipedia Enets Discussion 19-May-2012
Wikipedia European Portuguese 3 Discussion 04-Jan-2015
Wikipedia Fataluku Verified as eligible 25-Oct-2010
Wikipedia French Simple 3 Discussion 29-Oct-2012
Wikipedia Finnish Sign Language Verified as eligible 29-Nov-2008
Wikipedia Garhwali Discussion 08-Nov-2016
Wikipedia Gheg Verified as eligible 04-Jan-2008
Wikipedia Ghomala Discussion 12-Apr-2011
Wikipedia Goalpariya Discussion 07-Dec-2012
Wikipedia Gorontalo Discussion 01-Feb-2015
Wikipedia Gurenɛ Discussion 14-Jan-2011
Wikipedia Gutnish Discussion 17-Jan-2016
Wikipedia Hakha-Chin Verified as eligible 28-Feb-2008
Wikipedia Hawrami Verified as eligible 04-Nov-2010
Wikipedia Hiligaynon 2 Verified as eligible 12-Aug-2007
Wikipedia Hindustani 3 Discussion 17-May-2013
Wikipedia Hmong Daw Verified as eligible 22-Oct-2010
Wikipedia Hutsul Discussion 01-Oct-2016
Wikipedia Iban Verified as eligible 19-Feb-2010
Wikipedia Ingrian Discussion 28-Dec-2011
Wikipedia Ingush Verified as eligible 12-Aug-2007
Wikipedia Istriot On hold 31-Aug-2010
Wikipedia Jutish Discussion 20-May-2016
Wikipedia Kanikkaran Verified as eligible 25-Nov-2009
Wikipedia Khowar Verified as eligible 25-Apr-2010
Wikipedia Kabye Discussion 23-May-2016
Wikipedia Karelian 2 Verified as eligible 02-Apr-2007
Wikipedia Kari Seediq Discussion 27-Aug-2012
Wikipedia Shina Discussion 12-Dec-2015
Wikipedia Khakas On hold 20-Jun-2011
Wikipedia Khasi Verified as eligible 22-Oct-2010
Wikipedia Khinalug Discussion 01-Mar-2012
Wikipedia Kichwa Discussion 21-Apr-2007
Wikipedia Kildin Sami Discussion 15-Nov-2011
Wikipedia Kinaray-a 2 Verified as eligible 21-Apr-2007
Wikipedia Kirmanjki Verified as eligible 17-Sep-2008
Wikipedia Krio Verified as eligible 05-Jan-2008
Wikipedia Kumyk On hold 20-Jun-2011
Wikipedia Kupang Malay Discussion 20-Sep-2015
Wikipedia Kwasio Discussion 12-Apr-2011
Wikipedia Laki Verified as eligible 15-Feb-2013
Wikipedia Lakota Discussion 10-Dec-2011
Wikipedia Laz 2 Verified as eligible 27-Feb-2010
Wikipedia Lingua Franca Nova 2 Verified as eligible 17-Jan-2017
Wikipedia Livonian Verified as eligible 17-Jul-2011
Wikipedia Louisiana Creole Discussion 12-Sep-2016
Wikipedia Lower Silesian Verified as eligible 19-Jul-2008
Wikipedia Madurese 2 Discussion 01-Feb-2015
Wikipedia Mam Discussion 26-Aug-2011
Wikipedia Manchu 2 On hold 05-Mar-2010
Wikipedia Mapudungun 2 Verified as eligible 04-Jul-2009
Wikipedia Mauritian Creole Verified as eligible 08-Sep-2008
Wikipedia Megleno-Romanian Verified as eligible 27-Jan-2008
Wikipedia Mentawai Verified as eligible 22-Feb-2008
Wikipedia Meänkieli 2 Verified as eligible 14-Jun-2010
Wikipedia Micmac Discussion 28-Jan-2012
Wikipedia Miraya Bikol Discussion 19-Jun-2013
Wikipedia Mizo Verified as eligible 02-Oct-2009
Wikipedia Mongolian written in Mongolian script On hold 05-Mar-2010
Wikipedia Mongolian (Traditional Mongolian Script) Discussion 11-Feb-2013
Wikipedia Moroccan Verified as eligible 04-Feb-2008
Wikipedia Mundang Discussion 26-Mar-2011
Wikipedia Nenets On hold 20-Jun-2011
Wikipedia Ngiemboon Discussion 26-May-2016
Wikipedia Ngomba Discussion 12-Apr-2011
Wikipedia Nheengatu Verified as eligible 12-Apr-2008
Wikipedia Nigerian Pidgin On hold 29-Aug-2010
Wikipedia Niuean Verified as eligible 19-Dec-2007
Wikipedia Nogai Discussion 04-Mar-2011
Wikipedia Nuosu Discussion 05-Dec-2013
Wikipedia Northern Thai Verified as eligible 27-Feb-2010
Wikipedia Northern Tujia Verified as eligible 19-Nov-2013
Wikipedia Northern Wuu Discussion 22-Aug-2013
Wikipedia Northumbrian Discussion 20-Feb-2014
Wikipedia Northwest African Arabic Discussion 19-Jul-2011
Wikipedia Okinawan Verified as eligible 27-Nov-2010
Wikipedia Orang Seletar Verified as eligible 27-Jan-2008
Wikipedia Ottoman Turkish 4 Discussion 25-Nov-2012
Wikipedia Palembang Verified as eligible 19-Dec-2007
Wikipedia Pandan Bikol Discussion 24-Nov-2010
Wikipedia Paxto Discussion 28-Aug-2007
Wikipedia Pemon Verified as eligible 27-Feb-2010
Wikipedia Plautdietsch Verified as eligible 19-Dec-2007
Wikipedia Prekmurian On hold 31-Aug-2010
Wikipedia Prussian 2 Discussion 16-Feb-2012
Wikipedia Pökoot Verified as eligible 28-Aug-2007
Wikipedia Quenya Discussion 06-Jul-2016
Wikipedia Rapa Nui Verified as eligible 27-Feb-2010
Wikipedia Reunionese Creole Verified as eligible 12-Feb-2013
Wikipedia Rinconada Verified as eligible 19-Dec-2007
Wikipedia Riograndenser Hunsrückisch Discussion 06-Nov-2012
Wikipedia Romanized Khowar Discussion 28-Apr-2012
Wikipedia Romanized Pashto Discussion 12-Nov-2011
Wikipedia Rotuman Verified as eligible 21-May-2007
Wikipedia Saint Lucian Creole French Verified as eligible 31-Mar-2013
Wikipedia Sakizaya Discussion 01-Oct-2016
Wikipedia Salar Verified as eligible 08-Aug-2008
Wikipedia Sassarese Verified as eligible 10-Sep-2007
Wikipedia Seri Verified as eligible 07-Oct-2007
Wikipedia Shughni Verified as eligible 31-Mar-2013
Wikipedia Simple German 4 Discussion 06-Apr-2011
Wikipedia Solomon Pijin Verified as eligible 23-Jun-2010
Wikipedia Southern Baluchi Verified as eligible 12-Aug-2008
Wikipedia Southern Kurdish Verified as eligible 05-Mar-2010
Wikipedia Southern Lurish Discussion 30-Oct-2013
Wikipedia Southern Min written with Hanji Discussion 11-Aug-2008
Wikipedia Southern Sami Verified as eligible 19-Dec-2007
Wikipedia Swabian Discussion 27-Feb-2010
Wikipedia Sylheti Discussion 12-Jun-2014
Wikipedia Tachelhit Verified as eligible 12-Aug-2007
Wikipedia Talysh Verified as eligible 27-Apr-2012
Wikipedia Tarifit Verified as eligible 18-Aug-2007
Wikipedia Tati Verified as eligible 27-Mar-2008
Wikipedia Tausug Verified as eligible 31-Mar-2013
Wikipedia Teochew On hold 29-Oct-2010
Wikipedia Ter Sami Discussion 25-Dec-2011
Wikipedia Tharu Discussion 30-Oct-2011
Wikipedia Tokelauan 2 Verified as eligible 27-Feb-2010
Wikipedia Torres Strait Creole Verified as eligible 10-Mar-2010
Wikipedia Tucano Verified as eligible 25-Jun-2011
Wikipedia Tunica Discussion 16-Sep-2016
Wikipedia Tunisian On hold 19-Jul-2011
Wikipedia Turoyo Verified as eligible 31-Mar-2013
Wikipedia Unserdeutsch 2 On hold 05-Oct-2010
Wikipedia Valenciano On hold 07-Feb-2012
Wikipedia Vilamovian Verified as eligible 22-Aug-2012
Wikipedia Votic Verified as eligible 31-Mar-2013
Wikipedia Wao Tiriro Verified as eligible 20-Jun-2010
Wikipedia Wayuu Verified as eligible 19-Feb-2010
Wikipedia Westphalian Verified as eligible 24-May-2008
Wikipedia Xiang Verified as eligible 14-Oct-2008
Wikipedia Yangben Verified as eligible 31-Mar-2013
Wikipedia Yawi Verified as eligible 28-Jun-2011
Wikipedia Yidgha Verified as eligible 31-Mar-2013
Wikipedia Yucatec Maya Discussion 19-Feb-2010
Wikipedia Ancient Greek 4 Discussion 29-Feb-2016
Wikiquote Ancient Greek Verified as eligible 07-Mar-2010
Wikiquote Aragonese 2 Verified as eligible 14-Jun-2008
Wikiquote Bengali Verified as eligible 19-Dec-2007
Wikiquote Gilaki Verified as eligible 04-Nov-2007
Wikiquote Haitian Creole Verified as eligible 19-Dec-2007
Wikiquote Igbo Verified as eligible 19-Feb-2010
Wikiquote Malay Verified as eligible 19-Dec-2007
Wikiquote Nepali Discussion 18-Dec-2015
Wikiquote Occitan Verified as eligible 09-Feb-2008
Wikiquote Oriya Verified as eligible 22-Sep-2011
Wikiquote Pashto Discussion 22-Jan-2012
Wikiquote Punjabi Verified as eligible 14-Apr-2011
Wikiquote Quechua Verified as eligible 01-Jun-2010
Wikiquote Syriac Discussion 07-Jun-2012
Wikiquote Tatar Verified as eligible 31-Aug-2010
Wikiquote Western Panjabi Verified as eligible 01-Dec-2008
Wikisource Albanian Verified as eligible 19-Jun-2008
Wikisource Ancient Greek 2 Verified as eligible 07-Mar-2010
Wikisource Aragonese 2 Verified as eligible 16-Feb-2008
Wikisource Baluchi Verified as eligible 10-Jun-2008
Wikisource Basque Verified as eligible 08-Jan-2008
Wikisource Coptic Verified as eligible 07-Mar-2010
Wikisource Georgian Verified as eligible 04-Jan-2009
Wikisource Hindi Verified as eligible 09-May-2008
Wikisource Javanese Verified as eligible 14-Nov-2008
Wikisource Kabardian-Circassian Verified as eligible 30-Mar-2011
Wikisource Khmer Verified as eligible 19-Feb-2010
Wikisource Kurdish Discussion 10-Dec-2010
Wikisource Lojban Discussion 04-Jan-2015
Wikisource Low Saxon Verified as eligible 13-Dec-2007
Wikisource Lozi Verified as eligible 08-Dec-2007
Wikisource Malay Verified as eligible 19-Dec-2007
Wikisource Manchu Discussion 07-Feb-2016
Wikisource Min Dong 2 Verified as eligible 27-Oct-2006
Wikisource Neapolitan Discussion 26-Aug-2011
Wikisource Occitan Verified as eligible 23-Apr-2008
Wikisource Old Norse Verified as eligible 26-Aug-2008
Wikisource Old Norwegian Discussion 26-Aug-2008
Wikisource Punjabi Discussion 02-Jun-2016
Wikisource Sorbian Verified as eligible 13-Mar-2010
Wikisource Tagalog Verified as eligible 31-Aug-2010
Wikisource Tatar Verified as eligible 18-Jul-2011
Wikisource Volapük Verified as eligible 07-Oct-2007
Wikisource Wawa Discussion 03-Apr-2011
Wikisource Zazaki Discussion 25-Jul-2012
Wikiversity Bahasa Indonesia Discussion 31-Jan-2015
Wikiversity Bulgarian Verified as eligible 19-Dec-2007
Wikiversity Catalan Verified as eligible 28-Dec-2007
Wikiversity Chinese Verified as eligible 28-Mar-2009
Wikiversity Dutch Verified as eligible 21-Apr-2008
Wikiversity Estonian Verified as eligible 02-Nov-2009
Wikiversity Galician Verified as eligible 24-Feb-2009
Wikiversity Georgian Verified as eligible 04-Oct-2008
Wikiversity Gilaki Verified as eligible 14-Jan-2008
Wikiversity Haitian Creole Verified as eligible 06-Feb-2008
Wikiversity Hebrew Verified as eligible 19-Dec-2007
Wikiversity Hungarian Verified as eligible 03-Apr-2008
Wikiversity Kurdish Verified as eligible 25-Jun-2016
Wikiversity Limburgish Verified as eligible 01-Mar-2008
Wikiversity Lithuanian Verified as eligible 27-Jul-2012
Wikiversity Persian Verified as eligible 03-May-2008
Wikiversity Polish 2 Verified as eligible 04-Apr-2008
Wikiversity Romanian 2 Discussion 09-Feb-2010
Wikiversity Simple English Discussion 26-Jan-2016
Wikiversity Slovak Verified as eligible 06-Feb-2008
Wikiversity Tajik Discussion 17-Jan-2017
Wikiversity Tamil Discussion 03-Jun-2012
Wikiversity Turkish 2 Verified as eligible 19-Dec-2007
Wikiversity Ukrainian 2 Verified as eligible 22-Oct-2010
Wikiversity Zazaki Discussion 25-Jul-2012
Wikivoyage Arabic Verified as eligible 08-Mar-2013
Wikivoyage Armenian Verified as eligible 01-Mar-2013
Wikivoyage Azerbaijani Discussion 12-Sep-2015
Wikivoyage Bengali Discussion 28-Nov-2015
Wikivoyage Bulgarian Verified as eligible 08-Mar-2013
Wikivoyage Danish Verified as eligible 28-Jan-2013
Wikivoyage Esperanto Verified as eligible 07-Apr-2013
Wikivoyage Georgian Verified as eligible 27-Mar-2013
Wikivoyage Indonesian Verified as eligible 28-Jan-2013
Wikivoyage Korean Verified as eligible 23-Jan-2014
Wikivoyage Kurdish Verified as eligible 25-Jun-2016
Wikivoyage Marathi Verified as eligible 13-Jan-2013
Wikivoyage Tagalog Verified as eligible 22-Jan-2013
Wikivoyage Tamil Verified as eligible 14-Jan-2014
Wikivoyage Thai Verified as eligible 27-Mar-2013
Wikivoyage Turkish Verified as eligible 25-Jan-2013
Wikivoyage Urdu Discussion 15-Jan-2015
Wikivoyage Veps Verified as eligible 08-Mar-2013
Wikivoyage Zazaki Verified as eligible 08-Mar-2013
Wikivoyage Zeelandic On hold 16-Jul-2015
Wiktionary Achinese Discussion 25-Aug-2016
Wiktionary American Sign Language Verified as eligible 04-Nov-2010
Wiktionary Assamese Discussion 08-Oct-2011
Wiktionary Bakhtiari Discussion 05-Nov-2013
Wiktionary Bashkir Verified as eligible 08-Mar-2012
Wiktionary Bikol Verified as eligible 19-Dec-2007
Wiktionary Buginese Verified as eligible 30-Nov-2008
Wiktionary Buryat Discussion 11-Dec-2012
Wiktionary Cantonese Verified as eligible 30-Mar-2011
Wiktionary Chinese Hong Kong Discussion 08-Feb-2013
Wiktionary Chuvash Verified as eligible 29-Aug-2011
Wiktionary Creole Haitian Verified as eligible 19-Dec-2007
Wiktionary Dusun Discussion 27-Mar-2011
Wiktionary Emilian Discussion 24-Jul-2011
Wiktionary Erzya Verified as eligible 29-Apr-2010
Wiktionary Fiji Hindi Verified as eligible 07-Feb-2008
Wiktionary Friulian Verified as eligible 20-Jul-2011
Wiktionary Gan Verified as eligible 04-Jul-2009
Wiktionary Gilaki Verified as eligible 14-Jan-2008
Wiktionary Jamaican Discussion 25-May-2016
Wiktionary Judaeo-Spanish Verified as eligible 19-Aug-2008
Wiktionary Jutlandic Verified as eligible 07-Feb-2008
Wiktionary Kabyle Verified as eligible 19-Dec-2007
Wiktionary Kirmanjki (Northern Zazaki) Verified as eligible 04-Jul-2009
Wiktionary Konkani Verified as eligible 27-Feb-2009
Wiktionary Ligure Verified as eligible 06-Nov-2008
Wiktionary Lingwa de Planeta Discussion 28-May-2014
Wiktionary Lozi Verified as eligible 19-Dec-2007
Wiktionary luri laki Discussion 05-Nov-2013
Wiktionary Malvi Discussion 28-Nov-2012
Wiktionary Masry Verified as eligible 26-May-2008
Wiktionary Mazandarani Verified as eligible 30-Nov-2008
Wiktionary Mingrelian Verified as eligible 17-Jul-2011
Wiktionary Mirandese Verified as eligible 02-Mar-2009
Wiktionary Moksha Verified as eligible 10-Oct-2012
Wiktionary Motu Discussion 07-Sep-2013
Wiktionary Neapolitan Discussion 18-Oct-2014
Wiktionary Nepal Bhasa 2 Verified as eligible 19-Dec-2007
Wiktionary Nheengatu Verified as eligible 12-Aug-2008
Wiktionary Nogai Discussion 01-Mar-2011
Wiktionary North Levantine Arabic Discussion 01-Dec-2013
Wiktionary Northern Luri-Feyli Discussion 05-Nov-2013
Wiktionary Northern Sami Verified as eligible 19-Dec-2007
Wiktionary Northern Sotho Verified as eligible 19-Dec-2007
Wiktionary Papiamento Verified as eligible 01-Jun-2010
Wiktionary Picard Verified as eligible 23-Jan-2014
Wiktionary Piedmontese Verified as eligible 06-Nov-2012
Wiktionary Pitcairnese On hold 05-Mar-2010
Wiktionary Pitjantjatjara Verified as eligible 12-Jan-2008
Wiktionary Romagnol Discussion 25-Oct-2010
Wiktionary Rusyn Discussion 30-Sep-2011
Wiktionary Sardinian Verified as eligible 27-Feb-2010
Wiktionary Scots Verified as eligible 19-Dec-2007
Wiktionary Silesian Verified as eligible 15-Nov-2008
Wiktionary Sorani Kurdish Discussion 13-Jul-2012
Wiktionary Southern Sami Verified as eligible 19-Dec-2007
Wiktionary Tachelhit Verified as eligible 17-Oct-2009
Wiktionary Tacawit Discussion 23-May-2015
Wiktionary Veps Verified as eligible 31-Mar-2013
Wiktionary Wymysorys On hold 22-Oct-2010
Wiktionary Waray-Waray Verified as eligible 02-Nov-2009
Wiktionary Wayuu Verified as eligible 01-Mar-2010
Wiktionary Zazaki 2 Verified as eligible 26-Feb-2009
Wiktionary Zealandic Verified as eligible 19-Dec-2007
Wikidata Cape Verdean Creole Discussion 09-May-2014
Wikidata Talossan Discussion 02-Mar-2015


This is a temporary section for proposed language versions of Wikivoyage for which a version of Wikitravel currently exists.

The Language Committee has decided these language editions do not need to go through the usual process, but their initial content will be imported via XML files that Wikivoyage e.V. had created from the respective Wikitravel subdomains, when this used to be possible (other user-created content on Incubator Wiki will also be imported).

project status date of last action bug
Wikivoyage Spanish Created 03-Jan-2013
Wikivoyage Portuguese Created 03-Jan-2013
Wikivoyage Romanian Created 06-Feb-2013
Wikivoyage Finnish Created 01-Dec-2016
Wikivoyage Hungarian Approved
Wikivoyage Japanese Approved
Wikivoyage Polish Created 06-Feb-2013
Wikivoyage Chinese Created 14-Jan-2014

The creation of these projects is not requested all at once, but step by step. The table above shows the progress.

Closed requests

Once a wiki has been approved, delays are beyond the control of the language committee. Please address any comments about such delays on the linked bug page or in the freenode IRC channel #wikimedia-techconnect.
Project Official status Status since Official request
Old Wikipedia Rejected 03-Mar-2012
MediaWiki Russian Rejected 03-Jan-2009
Wikibooks Classical Chinese Rejected 27-Feb-2010
Wikibooks Greenlandic Rejected 21-Jul-2007
Wikibooks Limburgish Created 14-Nov-2010
Wikibooks Multilingual Rejected 03-Mar-2010
Wikibooks Sindhi Rejected 08-Apr-2007
Wikijunior Hungarian Rejected 17-Feb-2011
Wikinews Albanian Created 11-Mar-2011
Wikinews Czech Created 26-May-2008
Wikinews Esperanto Created 14-Nov-2010
Wikinews Finnish Created 24-Nov-2007
Wikinews Greek Created 20-Mar-2011
Wikinews Hungarian Created 26-May-2008
Wikinews Korean Created 29-Jul-2010
Wikinews Latina Rejected 25-Nov-2008
Wikinews multilingual Rejected 03-Mar-2010
Wikinews Persian Created 17-Oct-2010
Wikinews Simple English Rejected 18-Feb-2008
Wikinews Simple English 2 Rejected 17-Feb-2009
Wikinews Turkish Created 13-Aug-2009
Wikipedia Acehnese Created 13-Aug-2009
Wikipedia Adyghe Created 11-Feb-2016
Wikipedia Aeres Rejected 08-Aug-2007
Wikipedia Algero-moroccan arabic Rejected 23-Apr-2007
Wikipedia Ancient Greek 2 Rejected 23-Feb-2008
Wikipedia Ancient Greek 3 Rejected 03-Sep-2008
Wikipedia Ancient Hebrew Rejected 07-Mar-2010
Wikipedia Anglish Rejected 12-Feb-2014
Wikipedia Anglo-Norman Rejected 23-Jan-2014
Wikipedia Antwerpish Rejected 01-Mar-2010
Wikipedia Appalachian English Rejected 12-Feb-2014
Wikipedia Aramaic of Jesus Rejected 01-Mar-2010
Wikipedia Banjar Created 17-Oct-2010
Wikipedia Baybayin Tagalog 2 Rejected 14-Mar-2011
Wikipedia Belarusian normative Created 28-Mar-2007
Wikipedia Berber Rejected 24-Sep-2009
Wikipedia Bikol Created 24-Nov-2007
Wikipedia Blacksea Turkısh Rejected 05-Oct-2009
Wikipedia Brazilian Portuguese 2 Rejected 04-Jan-2010
Wikipedia Bulu Rejected 21-Jul-2007
Wikipedia Bungo Rejected 23-Feb-2008
Wikipedia Church Slavonic Rejected 19-Dec-2008
Wikipedia Classical Japanese 2 Rejected 20-Feb-2008
Wikipedia Classical Tagalog Rejected 27-Sep-2009
Wikipedia Coptic 2 Rejected 13-Jan-2008
Wikipedia Crimean Tatar 2 Created 12-Jan-2008
Wikipedia Cyrillic English Rejected 30-Aug-2013
Wikipedia Cyrillic Polish Rejected 30-Jun-2008
Wikipedia Dalmatian Rejected 03-Jan-2009
Wikipedia Dari Persian Rejected 05-Nov-2012
Wikipedia Drents Rejected 27-May-2008
Wikipedia Early Middle English (EMe) Rejected 13-Nov-2013
Wikipedia Egyptian Arabic Created 24-Nov-2008
Wikipedia Erzya 3 Created 26-May-2008
Wikipedia Eurofarsi Rejected 21-May-2007
Wikipedia European Portuguese Rejected 12-Apr-2007
Wikipedia European Portuguese 2 Rejected 19-Feb-2010
Wikipedia Evenki Rejected 20-Dec-2008
Wikipedia Extremaduran Created 26-May-2008
Wikipedia Fiji Hindi Created 26-May-2008
Wikipedia French Simple Rejected 18-Feb-2008
Wikipedia Gagauz 2 Created 14-Nov-2010
Wikipedia Galego-AGAL Rejected 14-Apr-2008
Wikipedia Gan Created 26-May-2008
Wikipedia Gorkha Rejected 10-Jul-2012
Wikipedia Hainanese Rejected 05-Oct-2009
Wikipedia Hakka 2 Created 27-May-2007
Wikipedia Hanja Rejected 27-Apr-2008
Wikipedia Hantec Rejected 06-Nov-2007
Wikipedia High Norwegian Rejected 27-Jan-2008
Wikipedia Hill Mari Created 17-Oct-2010
Wikipedia Hunnic Rejected 22-Apr-2016
Wikipedia Illyrian Rejected 22-Apr-2016
Wikipedia Insubric Rejected 11-Jun-2007
Wikipedia Iranian Persian Rejected 22-Oct-2010
Wikipedia Jamaican Created 01-May-2016
Wikipedia Jeju Rejected 18-Feb-2008
Wikipedia Kabardian Created 12-Mar-2011
Wikipedia Kabyle Created 06-May-2007
Wikipedia Karachay-Balkar Created 18-Mar-2010
Wikipedia Karakalpak 2 Rejected 09-Apr-2007
Wikipedia Karakalpak 3 Created 26-May-2008
Wikipedia Komi-Permyak 2 Created 17-Oct-2010
Wikipedia Konkani 2 Created 16-Jun-2015
Wikipedia Kurmanji Rejected 05-Mar-2010
Wikipedia Kurdish (Sorani) Created 13-Aug-2009
Wikipedia Latgalian 3 Created 13-Feb-2011
Wikipedia Latinized Russian Rejected 14-Aug-2007
Wikipedia Lezgi Created 27-Mar-2012
Wikipedia Lingua Franca Nova Rejected 25-Nov-2008
Wikipedia Lisarbin Rejected 06-Apr-2008
Wikipedia Livvi-Karelian Created 26-Sep-2016
Wikipedia Llanito Rejected 19-Jul-2009
Wikipedia Lower Sorbian 2 Created 12-Jan-2008
Wikipedia Maithili Created 06-Nov-2014
Wikipedia Mandarin Rejected 04-Jan-2009
Wikipedia Mandarin Chinese Rejected 19-Feb-2010
Wikipedia Mandika Rejected 21-Jul-2007
Wikipedia Meadow Mari Created 09-Jul-2009
Wikipedia Middle English 2 Rejected 20-Jul-2010
Wikipedia Minangkabau Created 06-Feb-2013
Wikipedia Mingrelian Created 19-Jul-2011
Wikipedia Mirandese Created 13-Aug-2009
Wikipedia Modern English Rejected 20-Jul-2010
Wikipedia Modern Etruscan Rejected 24-Sep-2009
Wikipedia Moksha Created 26-May-2008
Wikipedia Moldavian-Romanian Rejected 30-May-2008
Wikipedia Moldavian Cyrillic Rejected 02-Oct-2009
Wikipedia Montenegrin Rejected 29-Nov-2006
Wikipedia Montenegrin 2 Rejected 06-Apr-2007
Wikipedia Montenegrin 3 Rejected 16-Dec-2010
Wikipedia Montenegrin 4 Rejected 10-May-2011
Wikipedia Morlakian Rejected 01-Mar-2010
Wikipedia Muisca Rejected 14-Jun-2010
Wikipedia Mycenaen Greek Rejected 01-Apr-2011
Wikipedia Norsk (bokmål) Rejected 14-Aug-2011
Wikipedia Nord Rejected 09-Dec-2007
Wikipedia Norn Rejected 08-Feb-2008
Wikipedia Northern Luri Created 16-Jun-2015
Wikipedia North Frisian 3 Created 04-Aug-2010
Wikipedia Old Devonian Rejected 02-Sep-2009
Wikipedia Old Georgian Rejected 07-Jan-2009
Wikipedia Old Persian Rejected 02-Sep-2009
Wikipedia Old Prussian Rejected 22-Apr-2016
Wikipedia Old Romanian Rejected 22-Apr-2016
Wikipedia Ottoman Turkish 2 Rejected 09-Jan-2008
Wikipedia Ottoman Turkish 3 Rejected 14-Jun-2010
Wikipedia Pali Character Thai Rejected 07-Mar-2010
Wikipedia Palatinate German 2 Created 14-Nov-2010
Wikipedia Pa-prostu Rejected 12-Apr-2008
Wikipedia Pannonian Rusyn Rejected 12-Nov-2008
Wikipedia Phoenician 2 Rejected 08-Apr-2007
Wikipedia Picard Created 25-Dec-2009
Wikipedia Pizzonese Rejected 04-Oct-2008
Wikipedia Pontic Created 05-Mar-2009
Wikipedia Pre-reform Russian Rejected 06-Nov-2007
Wikipedia Proto-Germanic Rejected 22-Apr-2016
Wikipedia Proto-Indo-European 3 Rejected 22-Apr-2016
Wikipedia Prussian Rejected 05-Jan-2008
Wikipedia Rusyn Created 23-Jan-2011
Wikipedia Quiché Rejected 18-Apr-2007
Wikipedia Radical Croatian Rejected 14-Mar-2009
Wikipedia Ruhrdeutsch Rejected 26-Mar-2008
Wikipedia Sakha Created 26-May-2008
Wikipedia Samoic Tongan Rejected 18-Oct-2008
Wikipedia Saterland Frisian Created 12-Jan-2008
Wikipedia Scanian Rejected 11-Mar-2010
Wikipedia Sepedi Created 29-Oct-2011
Wikipedia Set English Rejected 01-Mar-2007
Wikipedia Shakhordoy Rejected 10-Jan-2008
Wikipedia Silesian Created 26-May-2008
Wikipedia Simple German 2 Rejected 02-Aug-2008
Wikipedia Simple German 3 Rejected 23-Jun-2010
Wikipedia Simple Spanish 3 Rejected 11-Oct-2008
Wikipedia Sindarin Rejected 15-Nov-2008
Wikipedia South Korean Rejected 15-Jun-2007
Wikipedia South Levantine Arabic Rejected 07-Nov-2008
Wikipedia South Azerbaijani Created 22-Jul-2015
Wikipedia Sranan Tongo 2 Created 26-May-2008
Wikipedia Standard Zazaki Rejected 03-Oct-2008
Wikipedia Standard Zazaki 2 Rejected 31-Mar-2013
Wikipedia Sudanese Arabic Rejected 17-Oct-2009
Wikipedia Surzhyk 2 Rejected 04-Apr-2007
Wikipedia Taiwanese Hokkien Rejected 10-Jul-2013
Wikipedia Tamazight Rejected 24-Sep-2009
Wikipedia Traditional Chinese Rejected 01-Jun-2010
Wikipedia Traditional Greek Rejected 21-Apr-2007
Wikipedia Tulu Created 04-Aug-2016
Wikipedia Tuscan Rejected 17-Feb-2008
Wikipedia Tuvan Created 11-Aug-2013
Wikipedia Ukrainian Latin Rejected 28-Mar-2008
Wikipedia Usprenta Rejected 23-Feb-2008
Wikipedia Valencià Rejected 07-Apr-2011
Wikipedia Vegliot Dalmatian Rejected 15-Jul-2009
Wikipedia Veps Rejected 20-Dec-2008
Wikipedia Veps 2 Created 01-Feb-2012
Wikipedia Vestgjøtska Rejected 07-Jan-2008
Wikipedia Värmlandic Rejected 15-Jun-2007
Wikipedia Värmlandic 2 Rejected 27-Jan-2008
Wikipedia Värmlandic 3 Rejected 05-Mar-2008
Wikipedia Warmian Rejected 07-Jun-2011
Wikipedia Western Panjabi Created 13-Aug-2009
Wikipedia Zaparoan Rejected 17-Oct-2009
Wikiquote Baybayin Tagalog Rejected 14-Mar-2011
Wikiquote Breton Created 24-Nov-2007
Wikiquote Limburgish Created 24-Nov-2007
Wikiquote Sanskrit Created 06-Feb-2013
Wikisource Armenian Created 24-Nov-2007
Wikisource Assamese Created 03-Jan-2013
Wikisource Baybayin Tagalog 2 Rejected 14-Mar-2011
Wikisource Belorussian Rejected 15-Jun-2007
Wikisource Belarusian 2 Created 27-Mar-2012
Wikisource Bengali 2 Created 27-Sep-2007
Wikisource Bengali Rejected 09-Apr-2007
Wikisource Breton Created 14-Nov-2010
Wikisource Classical Chinese Rejected 03-Mar-2010
Wikisource Classical Tagalog Rejected 27-Sep-2009
Wikisource Esperanto Created 14-Nov-2010
Wikisource Gujarati Created 27-Mar-2012
Wikisource Limburgish Created 26-May-2008
Wikisource Marathi Created 01-Feb-2012
Wikisource Middle Dutch Rejected 28-May-2008
Wikisource No linguistic content Rejected 01-Apr-2011
Wikisource Oriya Created 20-Oct-2014
Wikisource Ottoman Turkish Rejected 25-Jun-2011
Wikisource Sakha Created 19-Feb-2011
Wikisource Sanskrit Created 22-Feb-2011
Wikisource Tamil Created 18-May-2007
Wikisource Venetian Created 13-Nov-2010
Wikispecies Greek Rejected 11-Sep-2016
Wikispecies Macedonian Rejected 27-May-2008
Wikispecies Simple English Rejected 06-Nov-2007
Wikiversity Arabic Created 19-Jul-2011
Wikiversity Czech Created 26-May-2008
Wikiversity Finnish 2 Created 06-Apr-2009
Wikiversity Greek Created 12-Jan-2008
Wikiversity Italian 2 Created 25-May-2007
Wikiversity Japanese 2 Created 26-May-2008
Wikiversity Korean Created 06-Feb-2013
Wikiversity Portuguese Created 26-May-2008
Wikiversity Russian 2 Created 12-Nov-2009
Wikiversity Slovene Created 27-Mar-2012
Wikiversity Swedish Rejected 12-Nov-2010
Wikiversity Swedish 2 Created 14-Nov-2010
Wikiversity Ukrainian-old Rejected 31-Mar-2013
Wikivoyage Chinese Created 14-Jan-2014
Wikivoyage Greek Created 16-May-2013
Wikivoyage Hebrew Created 27-Mar-2013
Wikivoyage Spanish Created 03-Jan-2013
Wikivoyage Persian Created 02-Oct-2014
Wikivoyage Portuguese Created 03-Jan-2013
Wikivoyage Polish Created 06-Feb-2013
Wikivoyage Romanian Created 06-Feb-2013
Wikivoyage Ukrainian Created 27-Mar-2013
Wikivoyage Vietnamese Created 11-Aug-2013
Wiktionary Aramaic Rejected 07-Dec-2010
Wiktionary Baybayin Tagalog Rejected 14-Mar-2011
Wiktionary Classical Chinese Rejected 03-Mar-2010
Wiktionary Klingon Rejected 03-Nov-2013
Wiktionary Muisca Rejected 25-Nov-2008
Wiktionary multilingual Rejected 03-Mar-2010
Wiktionary Newspeak Rejected 11-May-2007
Wiktionary Oriya Re-opened 29-Sep-2011
Wiktionary Upper Sorbian Created 27-Sep-2007
Wiktionary Värmlandic Rejected 16-Feb-2008
Wiktionary Venetian Created 16-May-2013
Wiktionary Western Panjabi Created 01-Feb-2012
Wiktionary Yerkish Rejected 27-Sep-2009
Wiktionary Zazaki Rejected 14-Jul-2007

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