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This proposal has been approved.
The Board of Trustees and language committee have deemed that there is sufficient grounds and community to create the new language project.

A committee member provided the following comment:

Approved by the language committee, awaiting creation: phab:T350217. Jon Harald Søby (talk) 08:05, 1 November 2023 (UTC)[reply]
  • The community needs to develop an active test project; it must remain active until approval (automated statistics, recent changes). It is generally considered active if the analysis lists at least three active, not-grayed-out editors listed in the sections for the previous few months.
  • The community needs to complete required MediaWiki interface translations in that language (about localization, translatewiki, check completion).
  • The community needs to discuss and complete the settings table below:
What Value Example / Explanation
Language code bjn (SILGlottolog) A valid ISO 639-1 or 639-3 language code, like "fr", "de", "nso", ...
Language name Banjar Language name in English
Language name Banjar Language name in your language. This will appear in the language list on Special:Preferences, in the interwiki sidebar on other wikis, ...
Language Wikidata item Q33151 - item has currently the following values:
Item about the language at Wikidata. It would normally include the Wikimedia language code, name of the language, etc. Please complete at Wikidata if needed.
Directionality LTR Is the language written from left to right (LTR) or from right to left (RTL)?
Links Links to previous requests, or references to external websites or documents.

Project name WikiPapadah "Wikiquote" in your language
Project namespace Wikipapadah usually the same as the project name
Project talk namespace Pamandiran Wikipapadah "Wikiquote talk" (the discussion namespace of the project namespace)
Enable uploads no Default is "no". Preferably, files should be uploaded to Commons.
If you want, you can enable local file uploading, either by any user ("yes") or by administrators only ("admin").
Notes: (1) This setting can be changed afterwards. The setting can only be "yes" or "admin" at approval if the test creates an Exemption Doctrine Policy (EDP) first. (2) Files on Commons can be used on all Wikis. (3) Uploading fair-use images is not allowed on Commons (more info). (4) Localisation to your language may be insufficient on Commons.
Optional settings
Project logo This needs to be an SVG image (instructions for logo creation).
Default project timezone Asia/Makassar "Continent/City", e.g. "Europe/Brussels" or "America/Mexico City" (see list of valid timezones)
Additional namespaces For example, a Wikisource would need "Page", "Page talk", "Index", "Index talk", "Author", "Author talk".
Additional settings Anything else that should be set
submit Phabricator task. It will include everything automatically, except additional namespaces/settings. After creating the task, add a link to the comment.


The Banjarese language, which developed from the Malayic language family[1][2], is spoken and utilized in a number of Indonesian provinces, including South Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan, Riau, the Riau Islands, and Jambi.[3] In 2000 census, it is estimated that there are about 3,500,000 active speakers of Banjarese language[4] The number of active Banjarese speakers was estimated at 3,500,000 in the year 2000 and is currently more than 4,000,000.[5]

The language has many types of oral literatures, but this project is more focusing on Papadah[6][7], Sasindiran[8], Sasyairan[8], Paribasa[9][10][11] and translating quotes into Banjarese language. Most of the oral literatures that we are focusing is more solely in the elder speakers' memories; it is just few of them ever recorded; and not much of the younger generation that know about it. Elderly speakers' deaths are feared to be the end of the oral culture's life source. Meanwhile, by translating quotes into Banjarese language is one of our focus on developing the project because it is in accordance with the Banjar culture as we mention before.

Wikipedia Banjar which started in 2008 and released in 2010[12], become a handy online encyclopedia for new speakers who desire to study all kinds of information in Banjarese. To prevent local culture from going extinct, we aim to add characteristics like those mentioned above. Wiktionary Banjar which started in 2012 and released in 2022[13], is anticipated to become a fundamental foundation for people who are still finding it difficult to speak Banjar since it contains simple words and related derivatives in simple, understandable sentences. Therefore, Wikiquote Banjar is perfect for completing those two project.

The following books can serve as a guide for creating the Banjarese Language Wikiquote:

Mnafisalmukhdi1 (talk) 11:10, 31 January 2023 (UTC)[reply]




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