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This page relates to research (User:Cormaggio/A small scale study of Wikipedia) conducted by Cormac Lawler (Cormaggio) toward the end of 2004 and was mainly operated by Francis Schonken. The resulting paper can be found at Wikisource.

"Under normal conditions I run from questionnaires. The fact that I not only accepted to answer this one, but also bring it under your attention here, is even more a sign of my appreciation of Wikipedia than the actual answers I give to the questions." - Francis Schonken

Wikimedia articles that might interest Cormac Lawler when writing his dissertation[edit]

I only mention some "Meta-Wiki" articles here, going from the supposition that Cormac already browsed the "wikipedia:" namespace in English Wikipedia. If not: en:Wikipedia:Policies and guidelines might be a good start. So, on meta I think about:

(You'll see that one link leads to another...)

Also I'd like to invite Cormac, if his school allows, to use Wikimedia for the publication of his dissertation. I'm sure the people of Wikisource and/or Wikibooks would be glad to help with that!

E-mail communication between Cormac Lawler and Francis Schonken[edit]

I haven't a clue how many wikipedians received this - or a similar - message, and did yes or no respond to it. The interesting bit is where Cormac says Reply and return as you like - well that didn't take long for me: I like Wikipedia a lot, and as you'll see, the medium can be used for this kind of reply & return.

December 03, 2004 11:40 PM - Cormac to Francis[edit]


my name is Cormac Lawler, from Ireland, and I'm doing some research on Wikipedia for my dissertation for an M.Ed.

I realise this is out of the blue - I got your address through the website - but I am interested in hearing your views on, experience of and engagement with Wikipedia. If possible I would like to send you a short questionnaire by email, which you can fill out and send back to me. But before we start, I can assure you that nothing you say will be directly quoted to you by name/Username/inference etc., unless you specifically give me permission to do so.

You can get back to me at cormaggio(at) if this sounds allright with you.

Thanks, Cormac Lawler

December 05, 2004 - Francis to Cormac[edit]



December 05, 2004 01:35 PM - Cormac to Francis[edit]

Thanks Francis,

I'm trying to get a diverse international perspective, so your participation is greatly valued. Questionnaire attached. Reply and return as you like, and again, thanks very much for your time.


The questionnaire[edit]

Published in downloadable PDF format and as a list of questions which can be copy-pasted to your user page and/or to the discussion page of this page. Please add link to the last section below, indicating where Cormac can find a version of the form filled out by you. You can also send by mail - see Cormac's User page

NOTE: If you have accessed the questionnaire through this page, or through a mailing list, can you please specify this on the questionnaire itself? Also, since I neglected to include questions about background (an oversight) it would be good, though not necessary, to include country of residence, gender, and maybe age. Cormaggio

PDF version[edit]

See media:Wikiquestions_CL.pdf

Wiki version of Questions for Wikipedians by Cormac Lawler[edit]

  1. When did you become aware of Wikipedia?
  2. When did you become involved in Wikipedia?
  3. Why did you become involved in Wikipedia?
  4. Have you participated in another collaborative online community and, if so, how is it different?
  5. How do you rate Wikipedia as a collaborative project, as compared to, say, slashdot or everything2?
  6. Comment on the nature of your involvement in Wikipedia, ie. is it mostly editing, monitoring, discussing, researching…?
  7. What features do you like/dislike about Wikipedia?
  8. What features do you think are essential to Wikipedia?
  9. What’s your opinion of Wikipedia’s contribution to society?
  10. What have you learnt from Wikipedia?

List of links to filled out questionnaires[edit]

  1. I publish my answers on user talk:Francis Schonken
  2. [[:w:en:User_talk:Jeandr%E9/2004Archive#Cormac_Lawler_wikipedian_questionnaire.|Jeandré du Toit's answers.]]