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Research:Committee/Areas of interest/Significant support

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The Wikimedia Foundation now has an open-access policy (background).

The policies worked out by the Committee, once finalized, are intended to apply to any project receiving "significant support" from the Wikimedia Foundation. This page is meant to define that criterion in a practical manner.



A project is considered to have received significant support from the Wikimedia Foundation if

Other kinds of support may be provided by the Wikimedia Foundation to a research project but these are not considered Significant for the purpose of the open access policy. This is the case if

  • it received more than [Amount] CPU cycles or [Amount] GB of storage on servers operated by the Wikimedia Foundation
  • it received more than [Amount] person hours of work from participants in projects run by the Wikimedia Foundation
  • it obtained special API privileges
  • it has been featured in a press-release or blog post issued by the Foundation; (?)
  • it gets support in a discussion on Meta
  • any data collected from individual editors is held securely and only published in an anonymised form

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