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Thank you for agreeing to provide feedback on section recommendations! Please read the instructions below before you begin testing.


What are section recommendations?[edit]

Section recommendations are article section headings that are not currently in an article, but could be added. These recommendations are based on a machine learning model that suggests section headings that look appropriate and relevant for the current article, based on the section headings that are already present in similar articles in the same Wikipedia language (and in some cases in other Wikipedia languages as well).

Check out the project documentation for more information on how this technology works.

What are section recommendations for?[edit]

Automated section recommendations could be useful for many things. Right now our primary use case for these recommendations is to make it easier for new and experienced editors to expand short/stub articles in their language. We believe that section recommendations can help editors understand what kind of information is most important to add to the article.

Eventually, we hope that section recommendations will also be useful for helping people who translate articles from one language to another expand the articles in the target language as well.

Providing feedback[edit]

We are currently looking for feedback on the quality of the section recommendations that our model generates. We have developed a web-based tool for exploring these recommendations and collecting your feedback.

What kind of feedback are we most interested in?[edit]

Right now, we are most interested in learning whether the sections recommended by the tool are appropriate to the article and useful for editors who want to expand stub articles.

Specifically, we want to know whether the recommended sections are...

1. relevant to the topic of the article
do these recommendation make sense for this article?
2. important for the article to have
are these recommended sections a high priority for this article, or is it less important for the article to contain these sections (even if they are topically-relevant)?
3. redundant with the existing article section headings
based on their titles, do you think these sections would contain the same information as the sections in the article already, or would they contain different information? An example of duplicate sections for a city article that already had a "Culture" section might be "Arts and culture", "Cultural institutions"
4. redundant with each other
based on their titles, do these sections seem to conflict or overlap with each other? An example of redundant recommendations for a biography article might be "Career", "Professional Life", and "Work".
5. potentially useful
in your opinion, would having access to these recommendations while you edit articles make your work easier, or not? Would they be useful to less experienced editors?

Providing other kinds of feedback[edit]

Right now, we are less interested in feedback on the design of the web tool ( This is a testing interface, it's not meant to be used by editors who are expanding articles.

That said, if the way that the web tool is designed makes the process of rating section recommendations or providing other feedback difficult for you, we DO want to hear feedback on how we could make this tool more useful for providing feedback. If you have feedback on the section recommendation tool itself, please provide it here.

Testing instructions[edit]

Annotated screenshot of
1. Go to
2. Review the lead paragraph of the article and the existing sections in the article (A)
3. Review the recommended sections (B)
4. Rate the recommendations (C)
If you don't understand a question or do not think it is relevant, feel free to leave it blank.
5. Provide additional feedback (D)
If you want to provide additional feedback on the quality of the recommendations, please leave that feedback on the talkpage. Copy/paste the feedback template from the web tool so we know which article, language, and recommended sections you are providing feedback on.
6. Click "Submit ratings"
Once you have submitted your ratings, another article will be loaded automatically.

If you do not want to provide feedback on a particular article, you can skip to the next article by clicking "Skip article".

If you want to test the section recommendations on an article that you choose, you can use the black box at the top of the page. Just select the language, type the article title, and click "Get recommendations". Note: section recommendations are not available for all articles.