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Research:Labs2/Hackathons/August 6-7th, 2014/Meetups/Virtual (Americas)

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Hosted by: Pine

Location: Virtual (Americas)


Wednesday, Aug. 6th[edit]

No formal meetup, but presentations and demos will be presented take place at 1500 UTC. You're welcomed to meet up in IRC at #wikimedia-researchconnect. A separate "on-air" hangout will be set up that morning so that the presentations can be broadcast and recorded. You'll need to be in IRC in order to get the URL for the on-air broadcast.

Thursday, Aug. 7th[edit]

We'll start in IRC at #wikimedia-researchconnect. From there, we'll coordinate on a google hangout to sync up with other meetup groups. Given that we will be geographically dispersed, times are reported in UTC. 1600 UTC == 9:00 AM PDT == 11:00 AM CDT == Noon EDT

1600-1615 — Meetup in IRC
#wikimedia-researchconnect and say "hello"
1615-1700 — Idea sharing (sync)
Connect with other meetup groups in the google hangout. Give/watch lightning presentations on project ideas.
1700-1900 — Morning Work Session
Project groups begin pursuing their projects. Previously recorded presentations and demos will be online.
1900-2000 — Lunch break
Eat and/or continue work over lunch.
2000-2330 — Afternoon Work Session
Project groups re-convene.
2330-2430 — Final project reporting (sync)
Project groups will connect to the google hangout and report on progress made.
2430-2500 — Event closing. Document your progress. Share contact information. Plan future work.

This virtual meetup group will meet entirely online. We'll be connecting primarily via an IRC chatroom (#wikimedia-researchconnect). We'll also make use of a google hangout to connect with other meetup groups. The rough agenda is on the right. Note that there's no agenda for Wednesday the 6th, however, there will be demos and presentations broadcast that will help you start working with Wikipedia's data. If you can't connect to the presentations at that time, that's OK. They will be recorded and you can view them at the beginning of the hackathon day on the 7th.

Contact Pine or EpochFail with questions.