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A novice was once curious about the nature of the Edit Count. He approached the Zen master and asked, "Zen master, what is the nature of the Edit Count?"

"The Edit Count is as a road," replied the Zen master. "You must travel the road to reach your destination, and some may travel longer roads than others. But do not judge the person at your door by the length of the road he has travelled to reach you."

And the novice was Enlightened.


Ko te manu kai i te miro, nona te ngahere;
Ko te manu kai i te matauranga, nona te ao.

The bird that feeds on the miro berry, his is the forest;
The bird that feeds on knowledge, his is the world.

Māori proverb, courtesy of Sonia


Video that I produced for English Wikipedia's milestone of five million articles, complete with typo which I didn't spot until someone pointed it out to me. I estimate that this video required 60 to 80 hours to produce with the tools that I had at the time. If you cannot see the video in high definition then please try a different web browser.

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