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Mobile-heavy wikis is a segment of wikis defined in July 2018 by the Wikimedia Foundation's Audiences department for use in metrics reporting. The intent is to form a list of projects which are serving knowledge-deprived populations, based on the idea that people who have limited access to desktop computers likely have limited access to knowledge generally.


The canonical list is available on GitHub in the wikimedia-research/canonical-data repo. Here's a copy:

  • Hindi Wikipedia
  • Bangla Wikipedia
  • Indonesian Wikipedia
  • Arabic Wikipedia
  • Marathi Wikipedia
  • Persian Wikipedia
  • Swahili Wikipedia
  • Tagalog Wikipedia
  • Chinese Wikiquote
  • Thai Wikipedia
  • Egyptian Arabic Wikipedia
  • Malayalam Wikipedia
  • Tamil Wikipedia
  • Kannada Wikipedia
  • Portuguese Wiktionary
  • Azerbaijani Wikipedia
  • Gujarati Wikipedia
  • Kyrgyz Wikipedia
  • Albanian Wikipedia
  • Malay Wikipedia


  1. Limit to projects with 10 or more monthly active editors.
  2. Sort by mobile web pageviews proportion.
  3. Take the top 20, removing Italian Wikipedia, Italian Wikiquote, Italian Wiktionary, and Japanese Wikipedia because Italian and Japanese speakers are unlikely to be knowledge-deprived (unlike, say, French or English speakers, because those languages have at least some use in the Global South).