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Angelika Adam
This page documents a completed research project.

A much more detailed description can be found on the main RENDER project page.

We are currently looking for participants for our revert assessment survey. Please lend us 15 minutes :)

Key Personnel

  • Angelika Adam is a computer linguist responsible for RENDER at Wikimedia Germany
  • Denny Vrandecic is a senior researcher at KIT Karlsruhe and Wikimedia Germany, currently engaged in the application of Semantic Technology to Wikipedia
  • Fabian Flöck is a research associate and PhD candidate at KIT Karlsruhe currently focused on socio-technical dynamics in Wikipedia leading to article damage

Project Summary


Since its inauguration Wikipedia has evolved to become the largest online encyclopedia and is almost the default address for online references. Wikipedia includes more than 26 million articles published in more than 250 languages that are maintained by some 100’000 volunteer editors that are supported by hundreds of millions of editing “Wikipedians” around the world. Together with the German branch of the non-profit organization Wikipedia (Wikimedia Deutschland), RENDER has set up this case study with the goal to implement and test the project’s tools that shall facilitate the management of diversity in Wikipedia content. This allows for better assessing the quality of entries, to mediate conflicts between editors and to understand inconsistency in regards to socio-demographic, spatio-temporal and opinion-based divergences.





Wikimedia Policies, Ethics, and Human Subjects Protection


Benefits for the Wikimedia community


Time Line





EU FP7 funding