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12:16, 6 May 2021 (UTC)
Duration:  2017-December – 2018-February
This page documents a completed research project.

The Lead: Introduce and describe your project at a high level in one or two paragraphs. Will the output of this project provide tangible benefits for our community (in the form of data, software, Web services)? If the output of this project mainly consists of scholarly publications, what aspects of Wikimedia projects will they help to understand



Describe in this section the methods you'll be using to conduct your research. If the project involves recruiting Wikimedia/Wikipedia editors for a survey or interview, please describe the suggested recruitment method and the size of the sample. Please include links to consent forms, survey/interview questions and user-interface mock-ups.



Please provide in this section a short timeline with the main milestones and deliverables (if any) for this project.

Policy, Ethics and Human Subjects Research


It's very important that researchers do not disrupt Wikipedians' work. Please add to this section any consideration relevant to ethical implications of your project or references to Wikimedia policies, if applicable. If your study has been approved by an ethical committee or an institutional review board (IRB), please quote the corresponding reference and date of approval.



WikiCV is an experimental student project to create a tool which presents a "Wikimedia CV", which is imagined to be a report of the accomplishments of any Wikimedia user.

Use cases for this could be for a user to quickly summarize their Wikimedia activities to others, such as to aid collaboration in Wikimedia projects or as a demonstration of professional skill sets.

Project introduction


Hi all, I'm a 4th year Computer Science undergraduate student based out of India. I've been selected as an intern for Wikimedia under Round-15 of Outreachy. I'll be building a web tool called WikiCV (under the mentorship of Gergő Tisza and Stephen LaPorte), somewhat similar to your LinkedIn, StackOverflow or Github profile. Before starting with the project, I wanted inputs from users who are my target audience, that is you all! So thought of asking it over the talk page.(My mentors pointed me to this page as here many ardent users are present.)
We came up with this project because we feel that Wikipedia needs a powerful force to draw new editors to the project and allow existing editors to spend more time on it without harming their career; unfortunately, due to the highly collaborative nature of Wikipedia, the value of one's participation is hard to measure for an outsider, which makes it very hard for contributors to take credit for value added to Wikipedia.
Hence, we want to create a contribution summarizing tool which (unlike the existing ones that focus on statistics and are hard to interpret for someone not familiar with Wikipedia editing) highlights contributions in an easy-to-understand manner.

I want your inputs on:
1. What things would you like to see in your CV for Wikipedia contributions?
2. In what way should we present the data/ contribution summary so that it is understandable by a non-Wikipedia user?
3. What are the benefits/problems of the current tools that summarize the contribution of a user (like Xtools)?
4. The CV will definitely reflect your contribution, but would it be better if it shows your current standing with respect to other users? For example, reputation points in Stack Overflow reflect how good you are relatively. One idea that I thought was - Imagine a tool that tells someone is in the top 1% of editors. Would it be nice? If yes, what would you consider a good basis for that statement?

Also, I prepared a mockup for the CV to give a rough idea as to what we are thinking of. Please check it out as well.
Apart from this, I thought of presenting the contributions in a manner similar to Github. I've prepared a tool for that. Kindly have a look at that as well and give your reviews about it.

My work is largely dependent on your inputs, so please pour in your comments/views. Your help will be quite appreciated!
Anyone can reach out to me through mail(meghasharma4910@gmail.com) as well.
Eagerly waiting for your inputs :)
Meghasharma213 (talk) 16:13, 11 December 2017 (UTC)

Feature List


The CV will be divided into the following sections -



This section highlights the milestones achieved by the editor.

  • Badges for rights - like being an admin
  • A badge for reaching a certain amount of bytes added to the mainspace (Tentative buckets/ranges for the badge - 1MB, 10MB, 50MB, 100 MB, 200+MB. Please note that these are tentative and subject to comments!)
  • Time spent by the user as a contributor - buckets are 1yr, 5, yr 10 yr
  • No. of times user was thanked - buckets are 10+, 50+, 100+, 200+, 500+, 1000+. These are tentative too!



This section comprises of general summary of the user's contributions.

  • Date when user started contributing
  • Date of Latest Contribution
  • Major rights

Edit Summary:

  • Total number of articles where >50% of text is by the contributor (for authors that are the main contributors to a small number of articles)
  • Total number of bytes added by the user(for authors who contribute a little bit to a wide array of articles)
  • Total no. of famous articles edited. For deciding whether an article is famous or not, page-views of the article will be counted, say 1 million+ views. (Only those articles will be counted where user has more than 5% contribution.)
  • Total no. of edits by the user (I agree it is a flawed metric but it's purpose is just to give an idea to the viewer about the no. of contributions rather than implying something. I feel that this no. should be there in the summary.)


  • Main WikiProjects user has contributed to or major topics the user has edited



User can add a few lines in the introduction. This won’t be a required section.



Here, a timeline of the user's achievements will be presented. Achievements will fall into one of the following categories -

  • User is a major contributor of a Featured Article
  • User is a major contributor of a Good Article
  • User is a major contributor of a DYK



This section will have a collection of graphs. Also, two types of filters will be there - 1) Time filter, to filter the graph based on time; 2) Namespace filter, with namespaces simplified into groups such as content (Draftspace/Mainspace), technology (Template/Module/MediaWiki) etc.

  • Graph depicting the impact of an editor - % contribution to an article will be taken and multiplied with page-views to said article over a given month. (It will be shown against time.)
  • Spread of editing over projects
  • Total no. of bytes added in percentile context
  • Contributor activity chart in terms of articles created, articles edited (similar to github developer chart)

Pinned Repositories

  • Top 10 articles that the author has contributed to(Rating of an article * contribution of an author will be used as a metric to shortlist top 10 articles)
  • Note: Percentage Contribution by bytes and link to the edit/article would be present along with it.

Other Features

  • An area to list all other online presences e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter, G-scholar, Homepage, Userpage, Facebook etc
  • User can add a profile picture
  • CV will be shareable
  • It’ll be mentioned when the page's data was last updated
  • Opt-in functionality will be there

Design Mockup


Design Mockup for the Tool


  • Implemented functionality of Wikipedia Summary section (except the metric that shows total no. of famous articles edited).
  • Implemented the functionality of Badges section (except the badge for no. of times the user was thanked).
  • Achievements section is in progress.