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Our communities are powered by generous humans and efficient robots. We measure and celebrate their work with Wikistats. This page and its sub-pages define some of the metrics we use. Others are defined on the Research:Standard_metrics page.

Common Terms[edit]

  • Time Boundaries: The boundaries in time in between which metrics are computed. All metrics use time boundaries. Time boundaries include the start date but exclude the end date, commonly denoted as [start, end).
  • Time granularity: Aggregation period for the metric. We provide daily or monthly aggregation period for almost all metrics.
  • Project: Filter for the wiki project you're interested in, or an aggregate of multiple projects. For example, Spanish Wikiversity, Estonian Wikipedia, or All Projects. Metrics are available for almost all wiki projects, ask us if you don't see your favorite project.
  • Editor Type: Filter for type of editors. Can be:
    • Anonymous: users not logged in
    • Group Bot: logged in users that are in the "bot" user_group
    • Name Bot: logged in users whose name contains `bot`. These users have a high probability of being a bot, even if counter examples exist
    • User: logged in users that are not considered a bot by name or group
  • Page Type: Filter for the type of page. Can be:
    • Content: for pages belonging in content namespaces. This page type is also referred to as articles, and for most wikis includes pages in namespace 0 only
    • Non Content: for pages in namespaces not considered content (talk pages, user pages etc).
  • Activity Level: Filter for the activity level of editors or pages, meaning their number of edits over the aggregation time period of the metric. Values are ranges that include both the start and end of the range, and can be: 1..4, 5..24, 25..99, 100...



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