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Research:Wikistats metrics/New pages

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The count of new pages created, excluding pages being redirects. We measure this by counting page creations and ignoring any page deletions or restores. The metric can be split and filtered by Editor Type and Page Type[1].

The "Pages to date" metric is calculated as the cumulative sum of new pages over all time.

Content vs. non-content[edit]

Pages are counted as belonging to the namespace they are currently in, not the namespace they were created in. (See T266578.)

Deletion Drift[edit]

The original Wikistats did not count edits if the page they were made on was deleted. We are doing the same thing in Wikistats 2 for now, which means you may see metric totals shifting over time (as pages are deleted). We're working on a way to optionally include activity on deleted pages with a filter, which would keep the totals the same but the split between deleted/active revisions shifting over time. This would apply to edits, editors, activity levels, etc. Stay tuned as we work on adding this functionality.