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Maintainer:Morten Warncke-Wang
Team:Product Analytics
Purge:Auto-purge just eventCapsule PII after 90 days, keep the rest indefinitely
Contains user-input text:Yes

In use[edit]

used by revision Deploy start Deploy end active hosts
Campaigns (code) 5487345 2013-06-14 all
EventLogging 5233795 2013-02-14 2013-06-13 all
EventLogging 5150394 2013-01-28 all
EventLogging 5014296 2013-01-10 2013-01-28 all

68118 moved the logging code out of Extension:EventLogging. There should be a gap in logging from 2013-06-13 21:13 (UTC) when that change was deployed to 1.22wmf6 hosts, until 2013-06-13 23:57 when new Campaigns extension was enabled.


Some links to the Create account form set an identifier that is appears in the campaign field upon successful account creation. Research:Account creation campaigns records these campaigns.

event_token changes[edit]

event_token records the cookie. The "ACUX" code in Extension E3Experiments (running on enwiki only) would give anonymous users a long-lived cookie during account creation, and the server-side code that logs this event logs it.

E3Experiments was disabled in March 28 2013, after which only some users would have this cookie for other reasons. As of 2013-05-14 about 20% of new account creation events on enwiki log an event_token with length > 0; {de,es,fr,zh,pt,sr}wiki also log some event_tokens. The cookie had a year-long expiration, so shared browser users, and users who at some point visited another page that sets this cookie (ArticleFeedback and ArticleFeedbackv5 continued to set it) may account for its continuing appearance.

bug 44327[1] (links from mw m w) "Anonymous users should not be identifiable cross sessions" changed code to no longer sets this cookie, so the decline in users who have it continued after this change was deployed in release 1.22wmf4 in May 2013.

ServerSideAccountCreation could/should instead log the mediaWiki.user.sessionId cookie that now sets instead (if the user is anonymous). But event_token is probably only relevant when code sets it in a more organized fashion. As of July 2013, AFT, AFTv5, and UniversalLanguageSelector call bug 52079[2] (links from mw m w) tracks this issue.

event_userbuckets changes[edit]

The userbuckets cookie was set by mw:Extension:ClickTracking which was removed from WMF wikis around April 2013. mw:E3Experiments' tests of Account creation and Post-edit feedback on enwiki only recorded what variation was presented to the user, and any campaign that induced a new user to create an account. Both ClickTracking and E3Experiments were removed from WMF wikis around April 2013, but the cookie has an expiration of 1 year so will log some values for some time to come.

As of June 2013 the new mw:Extension:Campaigns sets a session cookiePrefix-campaign cookie when a campaign induces a user to create an account, and it logs this in a dedicated field in newer revisions of the schema.

Initial results for logging mobile Beta site account creation[edit]

January 12-17 (5 days)
Project Number of users
ar 9
commons 3
cs 1
de 5
en 99
es 19
fa 2
fr 11
he 3
hu 1
id 4
it 3
ja 7
ko 4
mediawiki 1
ms 1
my 1
pl 1
pt 8
ro 2
ru 17
simple 1
sq 1
th 3
tr 4
ur 1
uz 1
vi 3
wikiquote 2
wikivoyage 3
zh 3
Total 224

Outage 2013-07-31[edit]

Account creation was partly broken on 1.22wmf12 wikis due to a coding error. The breakage lasted from 1:55 UTC to 4:41 UTC. We're not sure if accounts created during this interval were complete broken or were merely denied any sort of on-boarding experience.