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The purpose of this group is to improve cross-language coordination for Wikiplatform editors who work in scientific disciplines We hope to connect groups within Wikipedia and its related projects, and also to integrate those groups with the established international scientific community and its various organizations. We hope to grow, learn, and share our mutual knowledge and expertise in order to:

  • Improve cross-language and cross-topic coordination. Many users with a scientific background show a working fluency in the English language, making it possible to centralize some discussions here. We will begin in English and consider translating this page in the future to increase accessibility.
  • Increase social media networking, as part of a strategy of online scientific outreach. We intend to recruit scientists, researchers, and other professionals to contribute to our projects, and to inspire people to learn more about science.
  • Develop and maintain an Academic Committee, which will provide peer-reviewed evaluation of different proposals and initiatives if necessary, bridging the gap between Wikipedia and the international scientific community.
  • Coordinate with gender gap initiatives like en:WP:Women in Red to maximize their coverage and results, as well as other projects which seek to reduce implicit bias on Wikipedia.
  • improve the use of open-access bibliometry and literacy on this subject.


Wikipedians in residence[edit]


See also: Wikipedians in Residence and Wikipedia Fellows



  • ISCB Wikipedia competition
  • WikiScience photo competition (twitter @Science&Wiki)
    • in odd-numbered year (2017, 2019) the competition is open and engaged to attract new uploaders and create networking in the academia.
    • in even-numbered year (2020, ...) the competition is based on the uploaded good/quality/featured images during the previous two years.




Article en zh hi es fr ar ru bn pt id ur de ja sw pnb jv wuu te tr ko Σ Wikidata s C
1 WikiProject Science W W W W W W W W W W W 11 Q10522795 2
2 WikiProject Biology W W W W W W W W W W W W 12 Q6723002 2
3 WikiProject Computational Biology W 1 Q16335216 2
4 WikiProject Molecular and Cell Biology W W W W W 5 Q15884967 2
5 WikiProject Microbiology W W W W W 5 Q10444284 2
6 WikiProject Genetics W 1 Q15884837 2
7 WikiProject Plants W W W W W W W W W W 10 Q10823481 2 C
8 WikiProject Taxonomy W W W W W W W W W W 10 Q8503033 3 C
9 WikiProject Chemistry W W W W W W W W W W W W 12 Q8487234 3 C
10 WikiProject Geology W W W W W W 6 Q14943910 2
11 WikiProject Palaeontology W W W W W 5 Q10565469 2 C
12 WikiProject Mathematics W W W W W W W W W W W W W 13 Q8487137 2
13 WikiProject Computer Science W W W W W W W W W 9 Q6526225 3
14 WikiProject Statistics W W W W W 5 Q15706608 2
15 WikiProject Physics W W W W W W W W W W W W W 13 Q8487193 2
16 WikiProject Astronomy W W W W W W W W W W W W 12 Q8493596 2
17 WikiProject Spaceflight W W W W W W W W 8 Q8502972 3
18 WikiProject Engineering W W W W W 5 Q15884720 2
19 WikiProject History of Science W W W W 4 Q15884861 2
20 WikiProject Neuroscience W W W W 4 Q15298430 2
21 WikiProject Physiology W W 2 Q21830628 2
22 WikiProject Medicine W W W W W W W W W W W W W W 14 Q4099686 2
Σ 22 17 3 14 18 9 15 8 11 5 0 11 8 0 0 0 0 1 12 13 167 avg: 8\8\38% 48 Wikimedia Commons

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Join us![edit]

User Languages Main projects & official roles Interests & Experiences
Alexmar983 it-N, en-4, fr-4, de-3, es-3, nl-2, eo-2 Italian and English Wikipedia, Wikidata, Commons, Italian Wikisource ... I am mostly interested in cross-wiki coordination, the role of Wikisource, Structured Data, Scientific Outreach, coordinator Wiki Science Competition, social media channels
Evolution and evolvability en-N English Wikipedia, WikiJournals, Commons, Wikidata Academia-Wikimedia collaboration and outreach
Prometheus720 en-N, de-2, es-1, fr 1 enwiki's Wikiproject:Biology Interested in assessment of the state of science Wikiprojects across languages, and aiding translation efforts.
starsandwhales en-N, de-3 wikidata, enwiki's Wikiproject: Amphibians and Reptiles, simple wikipedia (specifically ecology & astronomy related articles) I'm interested in improving Simple English and communication within WP:ToL in English.
Leiem zh-N, en-3, ja-2 Wikipedia, Commons, Wikidata I create and improve articles about chemistry.
Ralffralff bcl-N, tl-4, en-3, hil-1 Bikol Wikipedia (WikiProyekto Siyensya), Bikol Wiktionary, Wikimedia Commons, English Wikipedia, and Wikimedia Incubator I founded the local version of WikiProject Science in Bikol Wikipedia, and had been active editing science-related articles.
Daniel Mietchen de-N, en-4, fr-4, ru-4, basics of several others Wiki-wise, my focus is on Wikidata/ WikiCite/ Scholia, with frequent contributions to Commons and Wikipedias, occasionally other parts of the Wikiverse. Interested in anything at the intersection between Wikimedia and scientific research (understood here to encompass all fields of systematic inquiry, including fields like social sciences or humanities), especially integration of Wikimedia projects into expert workflows, integration of expert resources into Wikimedia workflows, outreach about Wikimedia projects to experts and supporting science-related activities within the Wikimedia communities.

Useful materials[edit]

  • Outreach tools
  • Teaching tools
  • etc


This group was created as a spin-off of the Wiki Science Competition activities for 2019, when the need for cross-platform coordination emerged during the Berlin Wiki Summit. The User Group was created to allow coordination of science projects across different languages and platforms.

Steps & reminders[edit]

  • 2019-03-30/31: First informal meeting in Berlin. The idea of the group emerged during this event and was later rediscussed at a small meeting during the last session of the Wikimedia Summit.
  • 2019-05-26: First draft on metawiki.

Social Media[edit]

Please note there are many other accounts related to various aspects of science and Wikiplatforms. Our goal is to list them all, crosspost, and retweet them if useful. Our channel will exist as a support for people without a social media strategy but also as a reinforcement of other people's activities, whenever necessary.