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The role of service activities in Wikiversity
University members are sometimes described as existing in an "Ivory Tower" and in a state of detatchment from real world concerns. One way of combating this perception is for members of a university to apply their learning and experience to practical problems in the broader community around the university.

Wikiversity exists within the WikiMedia family of projects that is dominated by Wikipedia but which includes other projects such as Wikibooks and Wikinews. Wikiversity strives to provide useful services to WikiMedia sister projects. A continual problem facing Wikipedia, Wikibooks, and Wikinews is finding good sources to cite. Wikiversity is a center for scholarship in finding and critically evaluating sources. Wikiversity encourages its participants to take part in Learning Projects that support the improvement of WikiMedia sister projects by finding and evaluating sources and providing verifieable references for Wikipedia and Wikinews articles and Wikibooks textbook modules.

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