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Wikipedia has special groups of participants, "functionaries", who perform specific tasks within the wiki community. In particular, Wikipedia has developed a special subset of wiki editors called administrators. A wiki administrator is a "trusted member of the community" who has undergone an explicit peer-review by the community. Administrators are experienced wiki editors and are expected to have knowledge of the community policies that regulate how the wiki works. Wikiversity, like all WikiMedia projects, needs administrators. However, when it comes to disputes over article content, administrators are no different from any other wiki editor. Being an administrator for a wiki indicates a certain amount of expertise about the day-to-day workings of that wiki (such as page protection for vandalism control), but administrator status says nothing about expertise in any other area.

As Wikiversity develops, the community will have to discover what other functionaries are required for the smooth operation of an education-oriented wiki. An important task for Wikiversity will be deciding on the roles of professional educators and researchers within Wikiversity. The community may wish to designate certain members of the community as faculty members. This would be a process by which the community decides that specific members of the Wikiversity community have demonstrated expertise in particular academic disciplines and commitment to the Wikiversity project. Designated faculty members would be called upon to provide services to the Wikiversity community, services that depend on that expertise.

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