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This page lists proposed social media messages that the Social Media team will review for possible publication on the larger Wikipedia and Wikimedia Foundation channels within the next several weeks, such as Twitter (@wikimedia and @wikipedia), Facebook (Wikipedia) and Google+ (Wikimedia and Wikipedia).

Please note that some of the proposed messages may be rescheduled or not published, depending on the suitability for the above channels. Times and dates refer to PT. Feel free to add your own suggested social media messages (in your preferred language). You can also contact the listed contacts on the Social Media team with suggestions or comments.

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July 2015[edit]

Week of July 1-3[edit]

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August 2015[edit]

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September 2015[edit]


Not sure what's happened to this social media project. The social media calendar seems bare. Nevertheless, I wanted to start up the #TAFI status again for the Today's articles for improvement project.--Coin945 (talk) 07:45, 25 October 2015 (UTC)[reply]

  • 26th of October:
    • T/I: This mash-up of media genres needs your help. Improve comedy horror, today's #wikiTAFI.
    • F/G: This mash-up of media genres needs your help. Add sources and improve content at comedy horror, today's #wikiTAFI.
  • 28 of October:
    • "Clad in stainless steel," the Gateway Arch in St. Louis was completed 50 years ago today.
      • (((((((((with image on Twitter, without on Facebook -- will generate.)))))))))


  • 2nd of November:
    • T/I: Visit the article on Donatella's daughter Allegra Versace, today's #wikiTAFI.
    • F/G:The heiress to a great Italian dynasty needs your help. Visit the article on Donatella's daughter Allegra Versace, today's #wikiTAFI.
  • 9th of November:
    • T/I: Today's #wikiTAFI is Marie Serneholt, a former member of the pop group A-Teens. Edit it today!
    • F/G: 40 years ago, ABBA released their pop hit Mamma Mia. 10 years ago, ABBA tribute band A*Teens split and former member Marie Serneholt began her solo career. Improve this interesting piece of history, today's #wikiTAFI.
  • 16th of November:
    • T/I: Buy into out #wikiTAFI concept and improve Goods and services
    • F/G: Goods and services are the cornerstones of human economic output. Buy into our #wikiTAFI concept and head over to Today's Article For Improvement.


January 2016[edit]


  • Unscheduled:
    • What do Napoleon, Julio Iglesias, and Benedict Cumberbatch have in common? They are all ʽEuropean Peopleʼ, today's severely underdeveloped #wikiTAFI.
    • Which Disney princess is not featured in a musical film? No, the answer's not today's #wikiTAFI ʽPrincess Leiaʼ, because of a certain holiday special...
    • We didn't think it would come to this, but if you don't edit today's #wikiTAFI ʽblackmailʼ, we'll... well to be honest we'll do nothing. But still, it would be nice to improve our content, no?
    • Yes, ʽFried potatoesʼ includes foods like chips and fries, but it also includes so much more. Go ahead and check out this tummy-rumbling article, today's #wikiTAFI.
    • Orders from upstairs say everyone who reads this has to help improve ʽdeityʼ, today's #wikiTAFI.
    • You may have forgotten to do this, but please don't forget to improve the article on itː today's #wikiTAFI, ʽtax returnʼ.
    • It makes your food taste nice. It is pronounced either "herb" or "erb". Yes, ʽherbʼ is today's #wikiTAFI. Don't give it a pass(-ley)ǃ
    • Oooo there are some spooky noises coming from your ʽatticʼ. Not to worry, it's just a Wikipedian improving today's #wikiTAFIǃ
    • Why not stop by our online encyclopedia and lend your theological knowledge to helping improve today's #wikiTAFI ʽOrganized religionʼ.
    • ʽSurvivalʼ. Something Wikipedia would fail at in a zombie apocalypse. Thankfully that's not happening any time soon so in the meantime, why not help fellow editors improve the article as today's #wikiTAFI?
    • ʽNameʼ. The thing preventing your friends, family, and co-workers from being called "Oi, you thereǃ". Help add information to this incredibly important topic, which has also been proclaimed today's #wikiTAFI.
    • Sadly as a non-physical object, Wikipedia is low in calories. While you couldn't physically live off a diet of Wikipedia, you can certainly enjoy a healthy mental dose of the site. Why not improve today's #wikiTAFI, ʽedibleʼ?
    • Ozone is a chemical compound consisting of three oxygen atoms bonded together. A layer is something that covers something else. Together, they create one of the biggest challenges facing us todayː the ʽozone layerʼ. Pay today's #wikiTAFI a visit and improve its content.
    • The current ʽRecipeʼ article is a recipe for disaster. Few sources. Gaping holes in content. Only a C-class. Turn today's #wikiTAFI into a wonderful educational meal.
    • The ʽCorruption in the United Statesʼ article is barely a one-line stub. Surely there must be more to talk about that that. Help improve today's #wikiTAFI.
    • The ʽwedding ringʼ. An object that has caused many-a-deflated bank balance. Uh... and let's forget a happy couple. In any case, today's #wikiTAFI could use your ring finger (and also your other 9 fingers) to type out some quality content.
    • Here's a quiz question for youː which country has a capital city called Riga? Yes, today's #wikiTAFI is indeed Latvia. Give her a hand.
    • The unimpressive state of Darts is something we simply cannot avoid. Let's aim for a bullseye and bring today's #wikiTAFI to GA quality.
    • The tragic First Sudanese Civil War saw half a million people died over just 17 years. Please head over to today's #wikiTAFI and give this piece of history the respect it deserves.
    • Whodunnit? Was it Jimbo Wales with the mouse in the editing booth? Possibly. Head over to today's #wikiTAFI and improve the article on weapon.
    • It's time to play a game. Let's all head on the organ ̥Trail, gathering resources and making sure the article stays healthy and full. #wikiTAFI.
    • Spain had a long and complicated route to democracy, instigated by the death of Francisco Franco in 1975. Help us at the #wikiTAFI project improve today's interesting historical article.
    • Shockingly, the wonderful custardy treat crème brûlée is not featuring in Disney's Be Our Guest among other French favourites like hors d'oeuvre, beef ragout, and cheese souffle. Give today's #wikiTAFI a healthy boost in wordcount.
    • What is the longest TV drama in history? Probably the news, and it's confusing because you're never watched all the episodes so never fully know what's going on. Help shed some light on the interesting hitory of the news program, today's #wikiTAFI.

̽ The issue of ʽcircular reportingʼ' is extremely pertinent to us, so make sure when you edit today's #wikiTAFI you only use third-party reliable sourcing. ̽ Since there is ʽNo such thing as a stupid questionʼ, would you kindly improve today's #wikiTAFI? ̽Groove to the music inside your heart, an infectious beat ordering you to pick up that mouse and edit today's #wikiTAFI, Choreography.