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This page lists proposed social media messages that the Social Media team will review for possible publication on the larger Wikipedia and Wikimedia Foundation channels within the next several weeks, such as (@wikimedia and @wikipedia), Twitter (@wikimedia and @wikipedia), Facebook (Wikipedia) and Google+ (Wikimedia and Wikipedia).

Please note that some of the proposed messages may be rescheduled or not published, depending on the suitability for the above channels. Times and dates refer to PT. Feel free to add your own suggested social media messages (in your preferred language). You can also contact the listed contacts on the Social Media team with suggestions or comments.

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July 14-July 20[edit]

July 14[edit]

Yes check.svg Posted a slightly edited version to avoid confusion on "end of PediaPress":
Thanks! guillom 07:56, 14 July 2014 (UTC)

Creating Safe Spaces Posts

  • f/g: “If you don’t understand why safe spaces are important, the world is probably one big safe space to you.” New IEG grantee Amanda Menking hopes to address the gender gap by aggregating qualitative and quantitative data to create a safer environment.
  • f/g: "This past month I’ve been watching, reading and thinking. I’ve been revisiting my goals." Amanda Menking and The Women and Wikipedia IEG project hope to collect and provide the Wikimedia community with aggregate qualitative and quantitative data that can be used to address the gender gap.
  • f/g: "Being a cyclist is like being a woman: Welcome to being vulnerable to people around you. Welcome to being the exception, not the rule. Welcome to not being in charge." Amanda Menking, a 2014 Individual Engagement Grantee, is determined to create a "safe place" on Wikipedia and fight the gender gap.

July 15[edit]

July 16[edit]

  • t: Oh the places (Wikimedia content) will go! An alarm clock, a dancing cyberbeatle and a time machine app:

  • f/g: Are you a culture hacker? Check out these 5 innovative winners of the first ever, Coding da Vinci competition, held in Berlin

July 18[edit]

  • f/g: WikiProject Indigenous Peoples of North America participant Maunus decries the state of coverage of Mexican indigenous people and aims to improve it. "Mexican indigenous people require improved coverage...there are some articles on the Spanish Wikipedia of very high quality, mainly because of the work of one editor, but likewise there are other articles that are of poor quality, with either romanticizing or discriminatory undertones."

  • f/g: WikiProject Indigenous Peoples of North America seeks to improve the coverage of indigenous people on Wikipedia, especially articles of Mexican indigenous people, whose articles sometimes are "romanticized." Read more from a recent report from the Wikipedia Signpost.

July 18[edit]

  • f/g: "Our hope is that the campaign will continue to grow and evolve, galvanizing participation in more locations and in different languages." Proposed user group Wikimedia LGBT ran a campaign in June (LGBT Pride Month in the United States), culminating with multi-city edit-a-thons. See how they contributed over 90 LGBT articles on Wikipedia and 750 images on Commons to promote LGBT-related content on Wikimedia projects.

July 21-July 27[edit]

July 21[edit]

  • Yes check.svg Posted, thank you! guillom 07:50, 21 July 2014 (UTC)

July 22[edit]

Spanish Republica Exiles Edit-a-thon Blog Post

  • t: A hard episode in Spanish history is a positive reason to gather Wikipedians in 3 countries for an edit-a-thon:

  • f/g: "To mark the 75th anniversary of the arrival of the Sinaia vessel to the Mexican port of Veracruz, the Wikimedia chapters in Argentina, Spain and Mexico ran the First Spanish Republican Exile Edit-a-thon of Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, and Wikisource on historical facts, biographies and testimonials related to these events."

es Editatón del Exilio Español

  • t: Un episodio difícil en la historia española es una razón positiva para reunír wikipedistas en tres países para un editatón <link>
  • t: Mexico, Argentina y España hicieron un editatón para conmemorar un evento de profundo impacto social y político: <link>
  • t: España, México y Argentina realizaron el Primer Editatón del Exilio Republicano para recordar hechos ocurridos hace 75 años: <link>
  • f/g: "Para conmemorar 75 años del arribo del buque Sinaia al puerto mexicano de Veracruz, los capítulos Wikimedia en Argentina, España y México realizaton el Primer Editatón del Exilio Republicano Español de Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons y Wikisource sobre hechos históricos, biografías y testimoniales relacionados a estos eventos". <link>
  • f/g: Un evento negativo en la historia hispana fue una razón positiva para reunir wikipedistas en tres países para contribuir al crecimiento de la información en los proyectos Wikimedia. <link>

Court Victory in Italy

  • t: Wikimedia wins significant defamation lawsuit in Italy against politician:

  • t: Legal win in favor of @Wikimedia paves way for more robust free speech protections under Italian law:

  • t: WMF will defend against those who challenge the community's right to speak, create and share freely:

  • f/g: After an arduous four years, the Wikimedia Foundation has obtained a resounding victory in an Italian defamation suit filed by Italian politician, Antonio Angelucci and his son, Giampaulo. The ruling paves the way for more robust free speech protections on the Internet under Italian law.

  • f/g: On July 9, the Roman Civil Tribunal handed down its ruling in favor of the Wikimedia Foundation, dismissing a defamation lawsuit and declaring that the Foundation is not legally responsible for content that users freely upload onto the Wikimedia projects.

  • f/g: "When the need arises, the Wikimedia Foundation will not hesitate to defend the world's largest repository of human knowledge against those who challenge the Wikimedia community's right to speak, create, and share freely."

es Victoria de la corte italiana

  • t: Wikimedia ganó a un político en Italia una significativa demanda por difamación
  • t: Victoria legal en favor de @Wikimedia abre camino a una protección efectiva de la libertad de expresión en la ley italiana
  • t: @Wikimedia actuará contra los intentos de menoscabar el derecho de su comunidad a escribir, hablar o compartir libremente.
  • f/g: Después de cuatro arduos años, la Fundación Wikimedia obtuvo una victoria contundente contra una demanda por difamación hecha por un político italiano, Antonio Angelucci y su hijo Giampaolo. La sentencia abre camino a una forma más robusta a mecanismos de protección para la libertad de expresión bajo las leyes italianas..
  • f/g: El 9 de julio el Tribunal Civil de Roma falló en favor de la Fundación Wikimedia, desestimando una demanda por difamación y declarando que la fundación no es legalmente responsable del contenido que usuarios suben libremente a los proyectos Wikimedia.
  • f/g: "Cuando sea necesario, la Fundación Wikimedia no dudará en defender el más grande repositorio de conocimiento humano contra aquellos que desafíen el derecho de la comunidad de Wikimedia a escribir, declarar, crear o compartir libremente"

July 23[edit]

  • t: Photograph a historic place near you! Enter the Wikipedia Summer of Monuments photo contest—and enrich the Commons.

  • f/g: Wikimedia Program Evaluation is hosting a new virtual event. Join them next Tuesday, July 29 (15 hs UTC / 8 am PDT), for 'Project and Event Grants: an Impact Review of 2013-14'. Join the Hangout on Air or watch the live stream on the event page:

The First ever Creative Commons event in Telugu: Ten Telugu Books Re-released Under CC

es La primera reunión de Creative Commons en télugu: diez libros en télugu publicados bajo CC

  • t: Wikipedistas se reunieron para un evento de Creative Commons en télugu. Diez libros liberados bajo licencia CC <link>
  • t: 100 wikipedistas se reunieron para el primer evento de Creative Commons en télugu <link>
  • f/g: "Wikipedistas en colaboración con el CIS-A2K se reunieron para celebrar el primer evento de Creative Commons en télugu. Diez libros en dicha lengua (hablada mayormente en los estados de Telangana, Andhra Pradesh y el distrito de Yanam en India) fueron liberados bajo licencia Creative Commons (CC-BY-SA 3.0), inspirando a otros a integrarse y donar sus libros bajo la misma licencia. <link>

July 25[edit]

Wikimedians in Residence: a journey of discovery

  • t: Check out the valuable insights discovered from @Wikimediauk on the efficiency of Wikimedians-in-Residence

  • t: What are Wikimedians-in-Residence good for? Try thousands of new images uploaded, hundreds of new articles and users

  • f/g: Looking over the course of six months and seven cultural institutions, which included the British Library, the Natural History Museum and the Royal Society, Wikimedia United kingdom has unearthed valuable findings in its research into the efficacy of Wikimedians-in-Residence and their contributions to growth of freely-available information

Africa's first Regional Conference gathers Wikimedians in Johannesburg

  • t: Wikimedians take Johannesburg for first ever Wiki Indaba Regional Conference

  • f/g: Dumisani Ndubane, Project lead for Wikimedia South Africa, reflects on this past June's first ever Wiki Indaba Regional Conference "We left the conference with a renewed sense of purpose and a united goal to create Wikipedia editing communities in our respective countries through clear communication channels and co-operation plans, even though we were reminded that we don't have a magic wand to accomplish this overnight."

July 28-August 3[edit]

July 28[edit]

Yes check.svg Posted a slightly edited version. Thank you! guillom 08:24, 28 July 2014 (UTC)

Sign the Petition for Free Access to Wikipedia on Cellphones

  • t: All humans deserve equal access to the sum of all knowledge. Please sign our petition & have your voice heard!

  • t: Free knowledge for all! Please sign our petition & let mobile carriers know they should work with us:

  • t: WMF has published a petition for free access to Wikipedia on mobile phones. Please help bring equal access to all

  • f/g: The WMF is pleased to announce the publishing of a petition for free access to Wikipedia on mobile phones, along with a short documentary film called "Knowledge for Everyone."

July 31[edit]

Official Wikipedia app revamped and now available on iOS and Android

  • t: Experience Wikipedia like never before with the new & improved Wikipedia app for iOS, available on the @AppStore:

  • t: Browse, share & edit like never before with the new & improved Wikipedia app for iOS, available on the @AppStore:

Introducing the new blog: a place for movement news

  • f/g: “Over the past six years, the blog has evolved and taken on a character closer to the movement of which it is a part.” We’re happy to announce the launch of the new and improved Wikimedia blog, tailored to bring you closer to the movement!
  • f/g: “Today we’re excited to announce the relaunch of the Wikimedia blog, with a new design and new features intended to make it easier for people to participate in sharing knowledge about the Wikimedia movement.” Check out the redesign and let us know what you think!

August 1[edit]

Doctors and Translators Are Working Together to Bridge Wikipedia’s Medical Language Gap

Wikipedia Zero and Net Neutrality: Protecting the Internet as a Public Space

August 4-August 10[edit]

August 4[edit]

Yes check.svg Posted, thank you! guillom 07:43, 4 August 2014 (UTC)

August 7[edit]

New “open” licenses aren’t so open

  • f/g: The new “open access” license by the International Association of Scientific Technical & Medical Publishers (STM) fails to meet the basic standards set out by the Freedom Definition and the Open Knowledge Definition. The Wikimedia Foundation joins the Public Library of Science, Open Knowledge and many other groups in urging STM to withdraw these licenses.

Wikimedia Foundation releases its first transparency report

Wikipedia pages censored in European search results

  • f/g: The Wikimedia Foundation has begun receiving notices that certain links to Wikipedia content would no longer appear in search results served to people in Europe. As part of our commitment to transparency and our opposition to censorship, WMF has created a dedicated page where we will be posting notices about attempts to remove links to Wikimedia under this authority.

European court decision punches holes in free knowledge

  • f/g: The Wikimedia Foundation’s Executive Director, Lila Tretikov, addresses the recent requests to remove certain links to Wikipedia content as a result of the European Court Justice ruling, saying “The WMF will stand by its commitment to build the sum of all human knowledge through the protection of all of its sources. We will be posting notices for each indefinite removal of Wikipedia search results.”

August 8[edit]

Two shades of Wikipedia in Punjabi

  • f/g: “I consider it as a welcome gesture that the Punjabi Wikipedians across both India and Pakistan believe in the need for cooperation and collaboration and are even ready to work in a cordial and mutually beneficial manner on the Wikipedia sphere.” Intrigued by the steady increase in the number of contributors on Punjabi Wikipedia Syed Muzammiluddin decided to ask editors to answer a 20-point questionnaire, here’s what he learned.

August 11-August 17[edit]

August 11[edit]

August 12[edit]

Chinese Wikipedia Online Magazine: A Community Gateway

  • f/g: “When Addis and Wilson first thought about creating an online magazine, they faced some challenges. Since 2005, many Chinese Wikipedians tried different ways to publish online magazines, but no one succeeded.” The Wikipedian aims to learn from past mistakes and be a reliable sources for Chinese Wikipedians to connect with the broader Wikimedia movement around the world.

August 15[edit]

Virtual meet up «Beyond Wikimetrics (II)» is taking place next Wednesday. MCruz (WMF) (talk) 13:31, 15 August 2014 (UTC)

August 16[edit]

The GLAM-Wiki Revolution

August 18-August 24[edit]

August 18[edit]

Wikipedia in the classroom: Empowering students in the digital age

  • t: Students care more about writing for Wikipedia than traditional research reports, attests @curiousscholar:

es Wikipedia en el aula: empoderando estudiantes en la era digital

  • t: Todos usamos Wikipedia. ¿Por qué no convertirse en un productor de información más que sólo un consumidor?, pregunta @curiouscholar:


  • f/g: "Esta es una experiencia poderosa para construir una fundación para la experiencia en clase, al tiempo en que me enseña como pensar fuera de las prácticas de enseñanza tradicional". Mira como Anne Kinglsey usa Wikipedia para enseñarle a sus estudiantes acerca de uso de citas, investigación escolar y cuidado del lenguaje.


August 20[edit]

Remembering Jorge Royan


  • f/g: El movimiento Wikimedia está entristecido por el fallecimiento del arquitecto, fotógrafo y colaborador argentino, Jorge Royan <link>

August 21[edit]

Grants, Programs and learning: This year in Wikimania London

  • t: See our new tools, resources and strategies shared at Wikimania for Grants, Learning & Evaluation, and Education!:,_Programs_and_Learning:_This_year_at_Wikimania_London

  • t: Want to know which users are newly registered, or just 'Rolling active'? Check out the new tools shared at Wikimania!,_Programs_and_Learning:_This_year_at_Wikimania_London

  • t: Want better tools for your program evaluation? We got you covered! Check out the new tools from Wikimania!:,_Programs_and_Learning:_This_year_at_Wikimania_London

  • f/g: This year's Wikimania was a great place to share new tools, resources and strategies on determining what really works and why when it comes to program evaluation. Find out what happened and how these tools can help you on your next project!,_Programs_and_Learning:_This_year_at_Wikimania_London

August 25- August31[edit]

August 25[edit]

Here's the proposed social media for blogpost Grants, Programs and Learning: This year at Wikimania London. MCruz (WMF) (talk) 17:31, 25 August 2014 (UTC)

  • F/G+: With over 2,000 participants, this year's Wikimania was the scenario of multiple exchanges, on many levels. We now share the insights from Grantmaking team. How did these conversations affect the current course of work? What are some of the new challenges we are facing in promoting Wikimedia programs?

Link to blogpost:

August 26[edit]

Content Translation blog post:

August 27[edit]

August 28[edit]

WMRS and Matica Sprska

August 29[edit]

Learning & Evaluation team is hosting a virtual meet up on Annual Plan proposal writing on Sept 4. MCruz (WMF) (talk) 20:03, 27 August 2014 (UTC)

September 1 - September 5[edit]

September 2[edit]

September 4[edit]

Sixty ways to help new editors

Monthly metrics meeting

September 5[edit]

Sept 8 - 14[edit]

September 8[edit]

Program Evaluation and Design is trying to get community engaged in finding out the history of some popular Wikimedia programs. MCruz (WMF) (talk) 20:02, 8 September 2014 (UTC)

t: Do you know how Wikimedia hackathons started? Help @WikiEval learn more abt the origin of programs. Comment here:

f/g+: Wikimedia Program Evaluation is looking into the history of Wikimedia programs. If you know how the first Hackathon was organized, who was coordinating the activity or any other information, comment on the Talk Page on the Evaluation portal on Meta!

Maithili Wikipedia

  • t: Maithili Wikipedia still does not exist despite the language being native to over 40 million people in Nepal, India:

  • t: To native Maithili speakers: "If you want Wikipedia in your language come forth, you are the best one to contribute:"

  • t: 40 million native speakers. No Wikipedia. Versatile Wikipedian's challenge to bring an entire language online:

  • f/g: 40 million native speakers. No Wikipedia. Versatile Wikipedian's challenge to bring an entire language online.

September 9[edit]

Now available: Charting Diversity – Working together to diversify Wikipedia

  • f/g: "Charting Diversity deals with diversity and its importance to Wikipedia, documenting our current knowledge on the matter, setting out fields of action and concluding with a catalogue of measures to serve as motivation for our future work." A recent study lays out potential initiatives that can help gender diversity on Wikipedia. Read more on the results here.

September 11[edit]

New images released are quickly put to use CR_UK

Sept 15 - Sept 21[edit]

September 16[edit]

Global Metrics for Grants: One way of Doing, Reporting and Learning Better

September 17[edit]

  • f/g: "The mission of the Wikimedia Foundation is to empower people around the world to develop freely licensed educational content and to globally disseminate that content." As part of Week of Action: A World Without Mass Surveillance put on by the @Electronic Frontier Foundation, two legal counsels from the Wikimedia Foundation outline how transparency is at the core of the Foundation's mission.

September 19[edit]

Editors find wide range of uses for source access donated by

Sept 22 - Sept 26[edit]

September 23[edit]

Greek Wikipedia user wins key hearing in defamation case

A behind the scenes look at the Wikimedia Foundation’s emergency response system

September 24[edit]

Quantitative versus Qualitative: More friends than enemies

As Wikimedia program leaders and evaluators work together toward more systematic measurement and evaluation strategies Museo Soumaya's 50 hours editathon

  • f/g: Wikimedia Mexico and Museo Soumaya will perform from September 26 to 28 the most big Wikipedia editathon ever made! During 50 hours, volunteers and staff from the museum will edit about art of five centuries. For the first time in it history, the museum will remain open for 50 hours during this editathon and will have conferences by Jonathan Cardy (Wikimedia UK), Liam Wyatt (Europeana), Herminia Din (American Alliance of Museums) and Alan Lazalde (Wikimedia México)

es Museo Soumaya's 50 hours editathon

September 29 - Oct 3[edit]

September 29[edit]

Round-table with editors from the Catalan Wikipedia

October 2[edit]

  • t: Wiki Loves Africa begins TODAY! Join in on the fun now until Nov 30th with this year's theme, African cuisine:

  • t: Wiki Loves Africa kicks off TODAY and will go on until Nov 30th! This year's theme, African Cuisine:

  • t: Love African Cuisine? Love taking photos? Join @Wikilovesafrica today!

October 3[edit]

Grant for Egypt WikiWomen Prize

  • t: Contribute to the Egyptian Wikipedia's WikiWomen online writing competition, supported by #wmfgrants:

  • F/G: Contribute to the Egyptian Wikipedia's WikiWomen online writing competition, supported by #wmfgrants:

October 8[edit]

  • t: October is International Francophone Contribution Month with Wikipedia training workshops to be held in 20+ cities

  • t: Bonjour! October is International Francophone Contribution Month with events organized across the Francophonie:

  • t: Are you a French speaker? Love editing? Rejoice! October is International Francophone Contribution month:

  • F/G: October is International Francophone Contribution Month with Wikipedia training workshops to be held in over 20 cities across the Francophonie. Organized by WikiFranca, the annual event seeks to encourage activities in French Wikimedia projects:
  • F/G: Bonjour! October is International Francophone Contribution Month with events organized across the Francophonie:

October 13 - October 17[edit]

October 14[edit]

Telling Your Program Story Blog Post:

  • t: Learn new tricks and gather tools from @WikiEval and its new series, "Telling Your Program Story," starting Oct 15

  • t: Starting Oct 15, @WikiEval will host new learning series, "Telling Your Program Story":

  • t: There's more to reporting than meets the eye! Join @WikiEval & its new series, "Telling Your Program Story":

  • t: Get your story across! Join @WikiEval & its new learning series, "Telling Your Program Story," starting Oct. 15:

  • f/g: Starting October 15, the Learning & Evaluation team will host a new learning series, Telling Your program Story to help program or project leaders get their story across in reporting. Learn new tricks and key strategies to improve not only the way you share about your efforts, but also the impact of the work in advancing the movement and how others may benefit from such efforts:
  • f/g: Want to learn key strategies in reporting your project/program across the movement? Great! Join the Learning & Evaluation team and its new learning series Telling your Program Story , starting October 15:

Freedom of Panorama in Russia Blog Post

  • t: Freedom of Panorama and open licenses go live in Russia:

  • t: Russia has amended its civil code to now legally recognize free licenses and the freedom of panorama:

  • f/g: Amendments to the Civil Code of Russia now guarantee the freedom of panorama and open licenses in Russia:

  • f/g: Congratulations to Wikimedia Russia in its successful efforts to amend Russian Civil Code to legally recognize open licenses and the Freedom of panorama:

October 15[edit]

  • t: Why librarians should edit Wikipedia: A testimonial from Switzerland:

  • t: Since April, @WikimediaCH has been holding "Wikipermanences" to enable the general public on how to edit Wikipedia

  • t: Who should edit Wikipedia? Everyone! Who should contribute more? Librarians:

  • t: Have you been to a "Wikipermanence" yet? @WikimediaCH believes these are helping draw new editors like librarians:

  • t: Everyone has something interesting to contribute to Wikipedia and editing has never been easier!

  • f/g: Having doubts about contributing to Wikipedia? Wikimedia Switzerland's "Wikipermanences" are held monthly to enable the public in taking those first necessary steps to begin editing:

French Translation

October 17[edit]

How the #wikinobel Nobel Peace Prize collaboration came to be

  • t: Learn how Wikimedians from across the globe welcomed this year's Nobel Peace Prize winners #wikinobel

  • t: Last week, Wikimedians near and far welcomed this year's Nobel Peace Prize Winners with a global effort #wikinobel

  • t: Wikipedians from @WikimediaNorge converged for an edit-a-thon in honor of the 2014 Peace Prize Winners #wikinobel

  • t: Last week, Wikimedians welcomed the new Nobel Peace Prize Winners, off and on Wikipedia #wikinobel

  • f/g: Wikimedia Norge looks forward to continued collaboration with the Nobel Peace Center following last week's edit-a-thon in honor of this year's Nobel Laureates with new events already being planned #wikinobel

  • f/g: The Nobel Peace Center and Wikimedia Norge both agree that last week's Nobel Peace Prize edit-a-thon was a huge success and look forward to continue working together #wikinobel

  • f/g: "The Nobel Peace Center and Wikimedia Norway both want this collaboration to contribute to even more quality and fact-based knowledge to Wikipedia, to enhance public conversation on these important issues."

October 17[edit]

  • t: To protect our users, WMF has stopped support for SSL 3.0, which will impact users of Internet Explorer 6 & older

  • t: WMF has ceased support of SSL 3.0 to protect our users. IE6 users will be impacted:

  • T: Scared of the POODLE? WMF is protecting its users with removed support for SSL 3.0. Learn more:

  • f/g: To protect our users, WMF has stopped support for SSL 3.0, which will impact users of Internet Explorer 6 & older

  • f/g: In the interest of protecting our users, The Wikimedia Foundation has ceased support for SSL 3.0, an outdated HTTPS implementation that leaves users vulnerable to the Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption or POODLE. Users of Internet Explorer 6 or other old browsers will be impacted.
  • f/g: Wikimedia has taken measures to protect its users from the POODLE security vulnerability by ceasing SSL 3.0 Users of Internet Explorer 6 and other old browsers will be impacted.


November 6[edit]

Annoucing Beginning of Meeting

IRC: #wikimedia-office

  • t: First up at #WMFMetrics Meeting: WMF ED @lilatretikov on strategy Process updates
  • t: Next up here at #WMFMetrics Meeting: Eric Moeller with an introduction to structured data
  • t: Next up here at #WMFMetrics Meeting: @fabriceflorin & @gpaumier with updates on structured data on file pages

  • t: Next up here at #WMFMetrics Meeting:

Announcing end of meeting