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The Wikimedia Foundation Communications department manages several social media accounts for the Foundation and Wikipedia. These include the Facebook page for Wikipedia, and the Twitter accounts, @wikipedia and @wikimedia. Verified Instagram, and Pinterest accounts are used to post public domain and CC0 /licensed photos. To take part in community conversations about our social media, please join our Facebook group.


If you see any problems with our social media, email We also strongly recommend joining our Facebook group, where community members around the world can compare notes and give their opinions about the Wikimedia Foundation's social media.


The Wikimedia Foundation's official social media accounts are primarily managed(*) by Social Media Associate Aubrie Johnson. Also working with the team are Ed Erhart, Gregory Varnum, and Heather Walls.

(*) As of April 2019

How to submit ideas for posts on Wikimedia Foundation and Wikipedia verified social media accounts

  1. Γράψε ένα προτεινόμενο tweet ή δημοσίευμα στο Facebook και συμπεριλαμβάνετε ένα σύνδεσμο ή ένα σύνδεσμο φωτογραφίας.

  • To request a tweet: If you want us to tweet something from the Foundation's verified Twitter accounts, please email with the language you want tweeted and a link to include. We will get back to you in the next 24 hours. If your need is more urgent than that, please say so in the email and add URGENT to the subject line.
  • To request a Facebook post to the verified Wikipedia page: Please email with either the language and link you want posted, or the link to a Facebook post on another post that you want shared, and the audience to target. We will get back to you in the next 24 hours. If your need is more urgent than that, please say so in the email and add URGENT to the subject line. You may also request the post in the Wikimedia social media hub. (Request access at the group page.) Requesting a post here also informs other Facebook users in the movement of your need.
  • To post a photo: Send the link to a photo on Wikimedia Commons that is licensed public domain or CC0 to, or have the photographer email permission to post their work.

Σημείωση: Δημοσιεύματα γενικού ενδιαφέροντος σχετικά με το περιεχόμενο της Βικιπαίδειας και τα πρότζεκτ του Wikimedia ή τα νέα του Wikimedia Foundation είναι ευπρόσδεκτα και ενθαρρυντικά. Οι κοινωνικοί λογαριασμοί δεν είναι για την προώθηση των προσωπικών αγαπητών πρότζεκτ. Παρακαλώ κρατήστε το παγκόσμιο κοινό κατά νου.