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Society for a Dictatorial Presence

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The Society for a Dictatorial Presence (SDP, in short), was found on the principle of "Policy dictates that..." The SDP is committed to the furthering of Wikimedia policy in all aspects of Wiki-ing, and therefore distances itself from other so-called associations that are egocentric attempts to infiltrate Wikimedia with self-centred policies and irrational behaviour, causing confusion and instability within Wikimedia and her sister projects.

SDP Policy[edit]

Wikimedia's, and her sister projects' policy is the policy of the SDP. We uphold the NPOV principle, which is so integral to the effective functioning of Wikimedia and her sister projects, as the Society's constitution. It shall be expected of all SDP members to pledge allegiance to the NPOV, and to release their lives as they know it, under the GNUFDL.

The SDP believes, and propagates, the inclusion of all people, irrespective of nationality, race, religion, height, weight, social or economic circumstances or Wikiproject. The SDP also believes in the speedy revision of all articles that violate the NPOV-policy, and would demand disciplinary actions taken against anyone who violates the policy.

The NPOV provides the backbone behind the success of Wikimedia and her sister projects, and the SDP also has hopes for the NPOV becoming, or merging with, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

SDP Motto[edit]

Unity in Diversity


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Promotion and user box[edit]

Thanks to the GNUFDL the SDP may use templates created by other users. Don't you just love it?!
Use this template to promote and show your affiliation with this association:

Add {{User SDP}} to your user page to create this box:

This User Is a Member of the Society for a Dictatorial Presence

Put it in your Babel user box like so: {{babel-2|en|SDP}}

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