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The special projects committee have authorised the setting up of a Wikiversity subcommittee, whose task will be to facilitate the creation of Wikiversity as a Wikimedia sister project.


To recommend the creation of a wiki-based centre for teaching and learning, namely Wikiversity, to define its scope, and to energise a community around its creation and development.


The initial members are Cormaggio, JWSchmidt, WiseWoman, Mfinney, and Roberth. New members will be accepted after application, if approved by a majority of the subcommittee.


The work of this subcommittee will continue the work which has been done by the many people who have contributed to Wikiversity so far, both on Wikibooks and here on Meta. The work will predominantly be done here on Meta, as before, free to be read and edited by all. However, the subcommittee reserves the right to hold meetings or conduct discussions through other channels.

The subcommittee will take decisions about its work, and present these to the board or special projects committee. This will be done, where necessary, by majority voting. However, these decisions will be based on community consensus, where it is possible to ascertain what consensus actually is.

Ultimately, the committee is answerable to the special projects committee (though it will work autonomously), will be dissolved (as it was set up) by that committee, and will request any delegations from the board (eg., actually setting up Wikiversity :-)) through that committee.

General comments[edit]

I would like to make it clear that if you have been working on Wikiversity so far, the existence of this committee should not prevent you from taking part in the continued work. This committee is essentially a representative body of the motivated community who already exist behind Wikiversity. This committee exists to keep up the good work, and bring it to a joyful conclusion :-) Cormaggio @ 18:43, 31 March 2006 (UTC)[reply]

If you've any comments or queries, or would like to participate in this committee's work, please add them here, or on the talk page. In the meantime, please continue to discuss and make changes to the current proposal at Wikiversity/Modified project proposal.

Just for interest, we have been playing with a 'Wikiversität' (in German) over at De.Wikiversity.org. I have some deep examples at Programmierunterricht, but there are other interesting corners. --WiseWoman 22:07, 31 March 2006 (UTC)[reply]

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