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Stewards/Elections 2014/Statements/Risker

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The following discussion is closed: This election is closed and these pages are an archive of that event.

This candidate provided a proof of identity to the Wikimedia Foundation.
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  • Languages: En-N; Fr-2
  • Personal info: Hello, I am Risker. I created my account to edit English Wikipedia in December 2005, although like many others I edited before registering. In May 2008, I became an administrator on English Wikipedia. Between January 2009 and December 2013, I was a member of the Arbitration Committee on that project. I read French at a high-school level. I have been a Checkuser and Oversighter on English Wikipedia since January 2009, and am very familiar with the applicable policies and practices. In my role as the arbitrator who was primarily responsible for managing the appointment of new Checkusers and Oversighters, I worked regularly with stewards. I have been an administrator for the Checkuser-L global mailing list for almost five years, and have been a bureaucrat on the Checkuser-wiki since its creation. My checkuser activities focus on anti-spam and cross-wiki socking reviews. I have been active on OTRS since 2010, and participate in several cross-project mailing lists. I make a point of following Bugzillas that relate to Checkuser, Oversight, and revision-deletion/suppression extensions. In 2011, I was a member of the committee that managed the technical aspects of the image filter referendum. Last year, I was a member of the committee that organized the WMF Board/FDC elections. Should I be elected as a steward, I will be focusing first on permissions, cross-wiki anti-spam work, Oversight for projects without their own oversighters, and responding to requests sent to the Stewards OTRS queues. My extensive experience in dispute resolution and in closing contentious RFCs should also prove useful. I look forward to learning and developing new skills. I am aware of the policies governing steward access, checkuser access, oversight access, and privacy as stated in the prerequisites, and agree to abide by them. I have already identified to the Foundation. Risker (talk) 23:01, 28 January 2014 (UTC)[reply] Questions: See Stewards/Elections 2014/Questions#Risker

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