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Who is the community that you are creating this page for? A community may be a project (for example, the French Wikiversity), or a language (for example, all Arabic-language wikis), or a set of languages (for example, all languages spoken in France).

Polish speaking editors worldwide, mainly in Poland (roughly 75%), but also in USA, UK, Germany (5%) and other UE countries. Mainly Polish Wikipedia, but also Wikiźródła, Wikicytaty, Wikibooks, Wikimedia Commons. Wikidata etc.


Communication channels[edit]

What are the communication channels that you are planning to use for the discussions? There may be several channels, for example a wiki page and a wiki meetup and a mailing list.

Major/most imporant[edit]

Minor/less important[edit]

  • Wikimedia Polska discussion list [3]
  • Wikimedia Polska page on fb: [4]
  • Bars on all other Polish wikis - (See list on "Kawiarenka")
  • Other public lists maintained by Wikimedia Polska: [5]
  • Other pages and groups on fb related to Polish wikis: [6]
  • Polish Wikipedia IRC channel (freenode #wikipedia-pl)


Where will you advertise the discussions and invite participants? You may use several methods, including messages on a "village pump", a site or watchlist notice, a blog post, personal emails and word-of-mouth, etc.

  1. Prelimiary invitation was sent to Polish Wikipedia facebook group, Polish wikipedians E-mail list, on Kawiarenka in Polish Wikipedia, Wikiźródła, Wikicytaty and Wikipodróże on 13 March, late evening (CET time). See: preliminary invitation text

Coordination with other tracks[edit]

Are there any affiliates (chapters, user groups) active with that community? If so, you will need to talk with them to coordinate your efforts.