Strategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Sources/Cycle 3/Wikimedians of Nepal Strategy Meetup in Rajbiraj, Nepal

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What group or community is this source coming from?

Group Photo Strategy Salon - Rajbiraj
name of group Wikimedians of Nepal and Maithili Wikimedians
virtual location (page-link) or physical location (city/state/country) Rajbiraj, Nepal
Location type (e.g. local wiki, Facebook, in-person discussion, telephone conference) in-person discussion
# of participants in this discussion (a rough count) 26


The summary is a group of summary sentences and associated keywords that describe the relevant topic(s). Here is an example.

Line Week # Key insight Summary Statement Overall Keyword
1 1 A Example: Knowledge needs to be more relevant. We need much easier ways to add images and videos. Many people want more diverse content, and we need ways to make these easy to crowd-source. We need new projects devoted to this effort that work well. supportive example
2 1 A Example: If we start doing things other than long-form, cited articles, we will dilute the integrity of the projects. concern example
3 example example example table only neutral example

Taken together, all the summary sentences should provide an accurate summary of what was discussed with the specific community.

Fill in the table below, using these 2 keys.

Key Insight
  1. The Western encyclopedia model is not serving the evolving needs of people who want to learn.
  2. Knowledge sharing has become highly social across the globe.
  3. Much of the world's knowledge is yet to be documented on our sites and it requires new ways to integrate and verify sources.
  4. The discovery and sharing of trusted information have historically continued to evolve.
  5. Trends in misinformation are increasing and may challenge the ability for Wikimedians to find trustworthy sources of knowledge.
  6. Mobile will continue to grow. Products will evolve and use new technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual reality. These will change how we create, present, and distribute knowledge.
  7. As the world population undergoes major shifts, the Wikimedia movement has an opportunity to help improve the knowledge available in more places and to more people.
  8. Readers in seven of our most active countries have little understanding of how Wikipedia works, is structured, is funded, and how content is created.
Overall (either)
  • supportive
  • concern
  • neutral
Line Week # Key insight Summary Statement Overall Keyword
1 1 A The Wikipedia Interface should made more friendly for new editors and beginners. supportive Technology
2 1 A The internet users is respectively low and cost is high. Any cost effective initiative should be taken to bring new readers and editors to Wikimedia Projects. supportive Internet
3 1 A The Wikipedia model is fine. The articles and knowledge should be deep. concern Wikipedia Model
4 1 A More focus should be given to improve contents in regional language Wikipedia projects. supportive regional languages
5 1 A Multimedia contents should be created in different languages projects. supportive multilingual multimedia
6 1 B More outreach events like Wikipedia Education Program, Wikipedia Workshop and Wiki Conference should be organize to promote Wikimedia Projects. supportive outreach
7 1 B Usage of social media should be increased in order to promote Wikipedia and it's project. supportive promotion
8 1 C Linguist, Scholars, Journalists and Literary figures should be involved in the movement. supportive experts
9 1 C Very short informative articles of Nepali Wikipedia should be improved and new articles should be created. supportive regional languages
10 1 C Local and Regional supportive authorities should be consulted to documents missing important areas. supportive Collaboration
11 1 C The important articles contents should be verified by the expert user group members. supportive Expert
12 1 C There should be more helping articles, Wikipedia editing guidelines needed for new contributors on Nepali Wikipedia. supportive Guidelines
13 1 C Wikipedians should be encouraged to take part in important discussion on Wikipedia. supportive On Wiki Discussion

Participants and Guests[edit]

S.N. Name Designation
1 Ashok Kumar Jha President, Maithili Saahitya Parishad
2 Shambhunand Chaudhary President, Saptari NGO Federation
3 Manohar Kumar Pokharel President, Sagarmatha Saahitya Parishad
4 Satish Kumar Dutta General Secretary, Chitragupta Sewa Samiti
5 Bhupesh Kumar Bhup District Coordinator, Nepal Madhesh Foundation
S.N. Name Designation
6 Jitendra Khadga President, Saptari Journalist Association
7 Aashutosh Anand Singh News Reporter, C FM
8 Hem Shankar Singh Journalist, Rajbiraj Today
9 Sanjiv Bikram Sah Journalist, Rajbiraj Dainik
10 Mala Karn Journalist, Green Madhesh
Professors and Scholars
S.N. Name Designation
11 Santosh Kumar Chaman Professor, Mahendra B. Multiple Campus, Rajbiraj
12 Randhir Karn Principal, Model College
13 Rajib Ranjan Jha Master in Education, MBM Campus
14 Sunit Kumar Munna Master in Education, MBM Campus
15 Rajib Kumar Karn Master in Education, MBM Campus
S.N. Name Designation
16 Shailesh Kumar Karn Station Manager, Chandrama FM
17 Binit Kumar Jha Manager, Worldlink Internet Service, Saptari
18 Rupesh Mehta Manager, Broadlink Internet Service, Saptari
19 Faiyaz Aalam Blogger
20 Anas Khan Blogger and Photographer
S.N. Name E-mail Address Signature
21 Rajendra Prasad Sah rsah52(_AT_) Contributor and Volunteer
22 Krishna Kumar Deo krishnakumardeo(_AT_) Contributor and Volunteer
23 Sujita Dahal dahalsujita(_AT_) Contributor and Volunteer
24 Soshindra Sadhok rampura.sadhok(_AT_) Contributor and Volunteer
25 Abhijeet Periwal abhijeet.periwal(_AT_) Contributor and Volunteer
26 Biplab Anand biplabanand(_AT_) Contributor and Volunteer