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Strategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Cycle 2/Organize/Toolkit

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Purpose of discussions[edit]

Our goal as a movement is to identify a direction that aligns and inspires us all on our path to 2030. It will help us to better organize and prioritize our activities across the movement. But it will be flexible enough that it applies broadly and over time. In cycle 2 discussions, participants will meet to discuss the overall future of the movement and debate the major themes produced from the first discussion cycle, in order to discuss tradeoffs.

Recommended agendas for discussions[edit]

Besides the online discussions on Meta and/or your home wiki, we are anticipating 3 other types of discussions. We will be providing a customized Facilitator's guide to help you conduct these conversations:

  1. On wiki icon On wiki conversations
  2. In-person icon In-person workshop
  3. Teleconference icon "Virtual" or video/teleconference session
  4. Offwiki icon Online but off-wiki conversations (Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.) (3 week format)

Preparing for the discussion[edit]

Please have participants review the following premises and expectations before the meeting.

Shared premises[edit]

The premises are the basic propositions that are shared by all participants and upon which arguments should be based.

Principles of behavior[edit]

Participants agree to adhere to the following principles of behavior: