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Workshop per theme (1hr 15 min)[edit]

Host a series of up to 5 workshops, one on each theme (allow 1 hour and 15 minutes per workshop). If the group does not feel that any of the five themes is a priority, then that theme can be skipped.

Time Activity
8 min Intro
  • Agenda:
    • We will be reviewing one theme to better understand its impact on the world and how important it is to the future compared to the other themes.
    • A final summary of the key points will be shared on meta.
  • Use a shared document to capture the notes
7 min Reflection (individual activity)
  • Read theme and have everyone consider questions # 1 and #2 and silently write notes.

Summary page of themes:

40 min Explore the theme’s impact on the world

Taking turns, have everyone on the call share their ideas to these the questions:

  • What impact will this theme have on the world if we follow this theme? (question #1)
    • What elements of this theme are important?
  • What would make it stronger? (question #4)
15 min Explore the theme relevance (question #2)
  • When you consider this theme compared to the others, how does it rank comparatively? Why?
5 min Close
  • Ask each person to summarize their main points for each question into 1-2 sentences with a keyword for sorting. If someone has more than one main idea per theme, ask them to write a separate sentence and key word for each one.
  • Collect notes
  • Post each main idea to the Sources page under the appropriate theme and question
  • Source page: