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Strategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Toolkit

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The following discussion is closed.

Cycle 1 of the discussion is now closed for analysis and sense-making, and the toolkit information may change for Cycle 2. Please join us soon for the next cycle of discussions. Updates in progress

To engage all the voices of the movement in the 2017 Movement strategy process, the strategy team is calling on the communities to hold discussions on local wikis, social platforms, video calls, in-person, over mailing lists, or any other venues or channels where your community is active.

We are asking for volunteers to serve as Discussion Coordinators in order to get these conversations started and to ensure that the main ideas and opinions from discussions are shared with each other, so that we can all collaboratively identify a strategic direction for our movement over the next 15 years.

Because your time is limited, the core team has prepared this toolkit. The documents and resources it contains are intended to guide and support the coordination of these discussions. If there are other documents that you would like the team to prepare to support your work as Discussion coordinator, please leave a comment on the talk page.

What you will find in this toolkit


The base layer of agreed-upon premises for the discussions.

A high-level overview of what every participant in the discussion should know about the movement and the future.

Guides to run the discussions.

(English) A template and process for summarizing and sharing the discussions with other groups.