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This page is a translated version of the page Strategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Toolkit and the translation is 47% complete.
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The following discussion is closed.

Cycle 1 of the discussion is now closed for analysis and sense-making, and the toolkit information may change for Cycle 2. Please join us soon for the next cycle of discussions. Updates in progress

To engage all the voices of the movement in the 2017 Movement strategy process, the strategy team is calling on the communities to hold discussions on local wikis, social platforms, video calls, in-person, over mailing lists, or any other venues or channels where your community is active.

Kami meminta sukarelawan untuk menjadi Koordinator Diskusi agar percakapan ini dimulai dan untuk memastikan bahwa gagasan dan pendapat utama dari diskusi dibagikan satu sama lain, sehingga kita semua bisa secara kolaboratif mengidentifikasi arahan strategis untuk gerakan kita selama 15 tahun.

Karena waktu Anda terbatas, tim inti telah menyiapkan seperangkat alat tentang ini. Dokumen dan sumber yang dikandungnya dimaksudkan untuk membimbing dan mendukung koordinasi diskusi ini. Jika ada dokumen lain yang Anda inginkan untuk dipersiapkan oleh tim untuk mendukung pekerjaan Anda sebagai koordinator diskusi, silakan tinggalkan komentar di halaman pembicaraan.

What happens during the second discussion (cycle 2)?

1. Group discusses the future of the movement, exploring the five themes. There are 5 questions for each theme. Groups should prioritize their discussions on which theme is most important to them, in case there is not enough time to discuss all five themes.
2. For each question, someone should summarize the response and 1 key word or phrase (for preliminary sorting and translation across projects).
3. The Coordinator submits these answers and key words to meta for inclusion in the overall discussion.

Be a Discussion Coordinator
We need volunteers! The primary responsibilities are to invite, host, and post the discussion summary.
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Planning Tools

Discussion Guides

  • Discussion Toolkits
    • on-wiki
    • in-person
    • video/teleconference
    • online, but off-wiki

Attendee Reading Material

Active discussions

Report the discussion

To ensure your theme statements are included in the overall discussion, it is critical to submit them on meta.
  • About the summaries
  • Summit summaries (Sources)
Please observe the Friendly Space Expectations when sharing your thoughts or discussing those of others.

Apa yang kamu akan cari di seperangkat alat ini

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Bagaimana menjadi koordinator diskusi

WMF-Agora-Language selection-crop 3492D1.svg


Persetujuan apa sebelum kami mulai

WMF-Agora-Language selection-crop 3492D1.svg Lapisan dasar tempat yang disepakati untuk diskusi.


What we need to know to have informed discussions

WMF-Agora-Language selection-crop 3492D1.svg A high-level overview of what every participant in the discussion should know about the movement and the future.


How to run discussions

WMF-Agora-Language selection-crop 3492D1.svg Guides to run the discussions.


How to summarize and share back with other participants

(Inggris) A template and process for summarizing and sharing the discussions with other groups.