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Hi all!

A somewhat shorter email this week:

First, thank you!

Thanks to everyone who commented on the prototypes from the Community Process Steering Committee. As a reminder, these are draft proposals for *how* we structure the upcoming strategy discussion. The goal is to be inclusive of our whole movement, and give participants many ways to participate, on- and off-wiki.

Prior to starting this work, we heard from many people that they wanted to be involved in designing the process, not just the strategy itself. This is that opportunity! Please make sure to comment if you are interested in sharing your ideas. We welcome everyone’s input and hope to hear from many more of you.

Summary of this past week

Track A (Organized community groups) and Track B (Individual contributors)

  • We posted the second version of process prototypes for Track A & Track B on Meta, incorporating suggestions from the Steering Committee. Main improvements included:
    • Adding more support, including a designated Track A lead
    • Adding a Beta rollout to the Track A design (20 February−1 March) for groups to test and give feedback on the toolkit
  • Expanding the timeframe for the first round of discussion.
  • We have begun building a facilitator toolkit and context for group discussions, based on input from the Community Process Steering Committee.
  • We are discussing how to reach more people, more effectively. Our goal is to inform as many members of the movement about upcoming strategy as possible, so community members are aware of the ways they can participate. We’re working to identify how to do this.
  • We have requested the Community Process Steering Committee extend their engagement period by two weeks, to provide additional input on the toolkit and discussions framing.
  • The Community Engagement department is reviewing candidates for the Language Specialist Strategy Coordinators. We have many strong candidates, but have some gaps. Please help us find candidates for:
    • Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Vietnamese, Malayalam

Track C (High reach markets) and Track D (Low reach markets)

  • We discussed potential Track D leads and scheduled time with extended strategy group to better define Track D.
  • Juliet Barbara, Toby Negrin, and Caitlin Virtue from the Foundation will help lead Track C. We’ll share more information soon about how you can participate in its development and implementation. More information will be posted on Meta-Wiki.
  • The C and D working groups began reaching out to experts and advisors for insights on opportunities for the movement.
  • The working groups are developing methods for identifying like-minded organizations and experts in knowledge to engage in upcoming Track C and D discussions.

Next steps

  • Finalize the process for Tracks A & B, incorporating your input.
  • Finalize the plan for each Track's first phase of movement-wide discussions - including selection of topics and questions to help facilitate effective discussions.
  • Finish initial version of facilitator toolkit for group beta testing.
  • Propose initial framing for discussions for review by the Community Process Steering Committee
  • Confirm all track leads and groups, related responsibilities, and necessary support.
  • Propose objectives for Wikimedia Conference 2017 in Berlin and begin designing the strategy track with conference facilitators.
  • Build to launch strategy, notifying as many community members as possible.

In the spirit of informing more people, we will send a brief, monthly update message tomorrow to a wide variety of community lists and forums.

Alright, that’s it! But before I go, please check out the prototype designs on Meta-Wiki, and leave comments. This is your opportunity!

Happy Weekend,