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戦略/ウィキメディア運動/2017/更新/2017年8月4日 - ウィキメディア運動戦略プロセスの更新その23

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This message, "Strategy update - Wikimania schedule, draft direction, brand awareness research, salons and events (#23)", was sent by Katherine Maher on 4 August 2017.

Greetings —

Before I get to sharing the latest updates, I want thank each of you again for your participation in the strategy process. You have helped us to shape a draft direction that we hope truly reflects the needs of every community in our movement. No matter where you plan to be in the world between August 9 and 13, I invite you to join us at Wikimania 2017 in person, by remote attendance, and by using the #wikimania hashtag on social media.[1]

Our Wikimania schedule. We will discuss the many insights we have gathered through the movement strategy process, share and discuss the draft direction, and work to further understand the future of the movement. Please visit this page to see updates on the strategy session schedule.

The working draft for the strategic direction. A draft of the strategic direction for the movement is beginning to emerge on Meta. Like many of you, we are eager to discuss the draft, so we have been drafting in public as we go. The language is very early, so if you have feedback, please focus on the substance! I plan to share a more detailed update about the direction over the next few days.

Wikipedia brand awareness, attitudes, and usage research. What do people know about Wikipedia as a brand? We commissioned surveys in seven countries to help inform the future of the movement, and shared a summary of highlights at the most recent Metrics meeting.[2]

Salons in New York, Washington DC, and Israel.[3][4][5] We are continuing to host discussions with experts and community members around the world about the needs and goals of the movement. We invite you to read and discuss materials from our latest events.

Global Voices meeting in Cochabamba, Bolivia. In collaboration between the Bolivian Wikimedia working group and Global Voices, 30 representatives from different indigenous communities gathered to review the inclusion of indigenous languages and traditions in our projects.

Bien cordialement (French translation: best regards)

And à bientôt for those who will be at Wikimania!