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Movement Strategy support in the next 10 weeks[edit]

Here is an update about the Foundation's short-term plans supporting the Movement Strategy. We have completed our internal transition, and we are resuming our activities.

We have heard the most widespread support for the initiatives related to governance. Our goal is that, by the end of June, there will be a group of people tasked to start the drafting of the Movement Charter. Right now we don’t know how we will get there, but we are confident that we all can figure that out together. With this group drafting, the walk toward the Global Council starts.

Hubs are another important piece in the future governance of the movement. The concept of hubs still needs a bit more definition and common understanding. We encourage everyone interested in hubs to declare their interest and collaborate. We can help! With the research on hubs progressing, the walk toward regional and thematic governance also starts.

Then we have the rest of the Movement Strategy Initiatives. It is important to clarify how global coordination around these initiatives should start. One step is to identify who plans or who wants to work on a specific initiative, including the Foundation teams.

We also need to define the support available to develop these global initiatives. In the short term, we will offer Movement Strategy Implementation grants  (up to $2,000 USD) to fund research, collaboration, or planning support. More details will come on this very soon, as we publish the call for Movement Strategy Implementation grants.

How are we going to do all this work in the next 10 weeks? We are preparing the conversations required to start drafting the charter, planning the hubs, and identifying the first implementation initiatives ready to go.

We will share the details in a few days. In the meantime, remember that you don’t need to wait to work on any other activity that contributes to the implementation of the Movement Strategy. All our work as a movement should be strategically aligned! Let us know in the Movement Strategy channels (Meta talk page, Telegram channel, or via email to strategy2030(_AT_) how we can clarify any questions or how we can support you in other ways.