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Structured data for GLAM-Wiki

How can you track the impact and re-use of your media and data on Wikimedia platforms?

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Evaluate the impact of the media files and/or data by measuring improvements and (re-)use

Measurable aspects may include

  • (Number of) people who worked on the data and media
  • Types of enrichment
  • Inclusions in Wikimedia project
  • Pageviews of pages where data/media is used

Show the impact of contributions by tracking metrics on files used or impressions over time. For partnerships, this can help validate the work being done or to encourage more collaboration.

Some tools are on-demand (GLAMorgan) and some are regularly reported based on Commons categories of GLAM institutions.

You may also want to use Wikidata Query to make some custom reports on coverage or usage.


Wikimedia Commons:

  • GLAMorous shows how often media files from a Commons category (or uploaded by Commons user) are used in other Wikimedia projects
  • BaGLAMa shows Wikimedia page views over time, for specific categories of media files on Wikimedia Commons. Get in touch with its maintainer, Magnus Manske, who can add your own category/ies.
  • GLAMorgan shows Wikimedia page views for a specific Wikimedia Commons category for a specific month.
  • Fae's GLAM Dashboard, a set of templates that show interesting data about a Commons category, including the most edited files and the most active volunteers who have contributed to them.


Wikidata Queries to show stats on Met Museum open access contributions to Wikidata:

PAWS notebook by User:Fuzheado

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