Structured data for GLAM-Wiki

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Structured data for GLAM-Wiki

About structured data on the Wikimedia projects

Welcome to this documentation hub: an introduction to structured data for GLAM-Wiki projects, using Wikidata, and Structured Data on Wikimedia Commons. This is written for staff of cultural institutions (GLAMs - Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums), but it will also be interesting for Wikimedia volunteers new to this topic.

Created in late 2019, some of the information in this portal may be outdated. Always get in touch with your local Wikimedia community, as they are best placed to help you with up-to-date knowledge and advice.

How you can help (as a Wikimedian)


What is structured data? This documentation hub kicks off with an introduction to structured and linked data. Next, we look at the different steps of organizing a GLAM-Wiki project with structured data.

Prepare a structured data project

Upload data and media

Enrich the data and media

Measure impact

Roundtrip data