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Structured data for GLAM-Wiki

No upload is perfect from the start! Take some time to improve and correct.

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Fix mistakes and omissions that were made during the upload.

  • Mistakes happen! Take responsibility for them, and make sure to correct and improve your own uploads.

Depending on the success of the import and uploading process, you may need to deal with duplicates or conflicts with other editors.

For Commons, you may need to move files around or add additional categories.

You may want to create special custom maintenance queries to keep track of your contributed content over time, or to keep adding properties and metadata beyond the initial contribution.

Wikimedia Commons:

  • Cat-a-lot, a gadget on Wikimedia Commons to help with categorizing images by pointing and clicking. Activate in your Commons user preferences.
  • VisualFileChange.js, a gadget on Wikimedia Commons that allows you to do batch edits to groups of media files
  • AutoWikiBrowser, a semi-automated editor


  • QuickStatements, create or update Wikidata items using tab-delimited or CSV files
  • OpenRefine (3.0+) tool that has powerful upload functionality for Wikidata
  • EditGroups allows to 'undo' faulty batch edits that were performed with QuickStatements and with OpenRefine
  • PetScan, the advanced search and query tool for Wikimedia projects, also has (limited) editing functionalities for Wikidata items.

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