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  • I edited some of the forts in Gwalior, Governor General of India, Khap panchayat, World Economic Forum.

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  • Laptop


So that I can dedicate my time truly to Wikipedia Because when I have a laptop for special for this purpose, I will feel I am owed by Wikipedia and anas an Indian mentality you cannot take work from someone until he will not find his profit, But if you owed him, He is obligated for moral to work from the heart

Future activities[edit]

How will you use this in the next six months? I have plans in next few months that I am about to travel to various cities in India, I will explore new things, new monuments, national parks, museums etc, I will gather information there and upload it to Wikipedia, I will take part in some research work related to Geography especially Human geography for that I really a need a good laptop and internet connection, I will try to help humanity as much as I can, Everyone in the word need support,motivation, this prize wll boost me and motivate me throughout my life, that I not doing wastefull thing,

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