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Supporting Indian Language Wikipedias Program/Support

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Wikipedia Foundation and Google have come up with a project to support Indian language Wikipedia projects and Wikimedians. Google and Wikimedia Foundation will provide infrastructure support such as laptops, internet connections fee, internet dongles etc. Before the program was started a wide needs-assessment survey was conducted. This was formulated for the growth and development of the society.We are glad to ask you all if you could also give your contributions to us by writing us articles and helping the growth of Indian language and culture.


  • Applications received for this support program can be seen below. No more applications are being accepted now. However, you may continue to endorse applications.
  • The applications will be reviewed by a committee consisting of Indic Wikimedians and representatives from the participating organizations.
  • Shortlisted applicants will be contacted via their talk pages and email address.

Criteria for resource allocation[edit]

  1. Active Wikimedians who are in need of support will be given priority.
  2. The support is given in the spirit of significantly improving each individual's capacity to contribute more actively to the best of his ability. So, this is not a contest, reward, or an entitlement based on past contributions or the potential to contribute more in future.
  3. To ensure all Indian language communities receive equal and proportionate support, certain laptops and internet stipends will be earmarked. 20% of total laptops and internet stipends will be exclusively earmarked for promoting diversity and bridging the gender gap.
  4. Only residents of India are eligible to receive support due to auditing requirements.


These are the requests received until 18:41 Hrs UTC, Friday June 21, 2024.

Open requests[edit]

There are 142 open requests until the current hour.

Draft requests[edit]

There are 119 draft requests until the current hour.

Please note that to accept your application as complete and final, you MUST remove the line {{Supporting Indian Language Wikipedias Program/draft}} at the bottom of your application before the last date. This will automatically move your application to the confirmed list.

Requests created by IP addresses[edit]

There are 12 requests created by users not logged in with a registered user ID until the current hour.

Duplicate requests[edit]

There are 3 duplicate requests by the same user until the current hour.

Requests withdrawn by applicants[edit]

There are 2 requests withdrawn by the applicant until the current hour.

Requests created as specimens or abuse[edit]

There are pages created as test, specimen, vandelism or abuse until the current hour.

Approved requests[edit]

No pages meet these criteria.

Ineligible requests[edit]

No pages meet these criteria.

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