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Supporting Indian Language Wikipedias Program/Support/Internet

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List of recipients for Internet stipend under the Supporting Indian Language Wikipedias program are listed below.

Selection process

  • A total of 271 applications were received requesting a laptop, internet stipend or both.
  • All applications including drafts were considered.
  • All applicants with 100+ global edits and at least one endorsement were selected to receive the internet stipend.
  • Selection was done by a community review team comprising of User:Yohannvt, User:Manavpreet Kaur, and User:Dsvyas. Special thanks to User:Viswaprabha for the technical support offered to collect information from the submitted applications.


  • 44 Wikimedians will receive internet stipends.
  • They belong to 15 different Indian language Wikipedia communities.
  • 12 among them are females (27% of recipients).



The internet stipend will cover the cost of internet access for the recipients for a six month period. This will include the cost of monthly internet access, any deposit for a new connection, and the purchase of any required equipment like dongle or modem. The stipend will support the cost of internet access which works best for each recipient be it broadband or mobile based connection. This support is offered assuming good faith in order to empower each recipient's contribution to the best of his/her ability. We encourage fellow community members to welcome them as usual.

Each recipient will be contacted through their talk pages and contact email address given on the application form. We plan to disperse this support before the end of March 2018. Please contact tito at cis-india.org or tanveer at cis-india.org if you need clarification or leave a message in the talk page.

Internet recipients

Number User name Application link Home Wiki language
1 Angpradesh Open Angika
2 Sumasa Open Bengali
3 খাঁ শুভেন্দু Open Bengali
4 Sumita Roy Dutta Open Bengali
5 Rohini Open English
6 Innocentbunny Open Hindi
7 Swapnil.Karambelkar Open Hindi
8 Jayprakash12345 Open Hindi
9 राजू जांगिड़ Open Hindi
10 Pranavs17 Open Kannada
11 Durga bhat bollurodi Open Kannada
12 Anoosha k Open Kannada
13 Dhanalakshmi .K. T Open Kannada
14 Lokesha kunchadka Open Kannada
15 Sangappadyamani Open Kannada
16 Sanu N Open Malayalam
17 Ovmanjusha Open Malayalam
18 Sai K shanmugam Open Malayalam
19 Jameela P. Open Malayalam
20 Arunsunilkollam Open Malayalam
21 Akhiljaxxn Open Malayalam
22 Erfanebrahimsait Open Malayalam
23 Ramjchandran Open Malayalam
24 Sugeesh Open Malayalam
25 Sidheeq Open Malayalam
26 Arjunkmohan Open Malayalam
27 Pooja Jadhav Open Marathi
28 आर्या जोशी Open Marathi
29 Chinmayee Mishra Open Odia
30 Aliva Sahoo Open Odia
31 Ansumang Open Odia
32 Gurlal Maan Open Punjabi
33 Satpal Dandiwal Open Punjabi
34 NehalDaveND Open Sanskrit
35 Fagu Baskey Open Santali
36 Ramjit Tudu Open Santali
37 Arulghsr Open Tamil
38 தமிழ்க்குரிசில் Open Tamil
39 Ajaybanbi Open Telugu
40 Meena gayathri.s Open Telugu
41 విశ్వనాధ్.బి.కె. Open Telugu
42 Pranayraj1985 Open Telugu
43 Kishorekumarrai Draft Tulu
44 Ahmed Nisar Open Urdu/Telugu/Hindi/English