Symposium on Marathi Wikipedia, Wikisource and Wiktionary Projects at Gokhale Institute Of Politics & Economics

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From the deliberations and workshops with various organisations and groups in the last few months, the need was felt to bring all the stakeholders at one place for holistic thinking and to evolve strategies. Wikipedia project is known to community but Wikisource and Wiktionary Projects have not been launched in Marathi with specific inputs. This concern was discussed by Eminent ecologist Prof. Madhav Gadgil and Marathi Community Advocate with active personalities in various fields, who can take initiative to contribute to these projects. In all, 70 persons were contacted by the organisers.
Gokhale Institute Of Politics & Economics and Rawat's Nature Academy took lead in organising this symposium. CIS-A2K facilitated the process. Eminent ecologist Prof. Madhav Gadgil and Marathi Community Advocate Subodh Kulkarni acted as Resource Person.


  • Rawat's Nature Academy
  • CIS-A2K


Date : 29th April 2017
Time : 3pm to 6PM
Place : Pune, Maharashtra,India
Venue : Seminar hall in Gokhale Institute Of Politics & Economics
Participants : 50


Total 50 eminent personalities from various fields viz. literature, linguistics, journalism, science forums, publishers,librarians, State language & culture department heads, active citizen forums working on different issues etc. took active part in the proceedings. They will act as anchors in future. According to the needs of Wikimedia Projects, 12 Action Groups have been formed. Planning for May and June has started over email group.

Media Coverage[edit]


1 Nanaji Shewale 26 Prathamesh Tamhane
2 Sunita Barve 27 Vinay R R
3 Shailaja Aralkar 28 Hemant Kulkarni
4 Ramesh Date 29 Shriniwas Deshmukh
5 Suneela Gondhalekar 30 Ravindra Apte
6 Deepak Jewane 31 Mandar Kulkarni
7 Rekha Inamdar-Sane 32 Nagesh Kulkarni
8 Vandana Bhale 33 Sagar Shinde
9 Pramod Joglekar 34 Pratik Kosake
10 Mahesh Pohnerkar 35 Govind Rasal
11 Milind Kamble 36 Niranjan Agashe
12 Mukund Hirve 37 Rishabh Pardeshi
13 Vipul Vaibhav 38 Rajaram Agarkar
14 Ajay Dhekane 39 Nikhil Walimbe
15 Amrut Purandare 40 Suresh Khole
16 Manisha Dev 41 R V Gholap
17 Manik Hasbanis 42 Vidyadhar Borkar
18 Devidas Deshpande 43 Rajendrakumar Saraf
19 Deepak Kasale 44 Vinit Sathe
20 Shiniwas Kulkarni 45 Uday Panchpor
21 Vaishali Jumde 46 Manisha Bathe
22 Prasannakumar Aklujkar 47 Abhijit Ghorpade
23 Nishikant Bhalerao 48 Dilip Karambelkar
24 Sushant Devalekar 49 Sujay Joshi
25 Rohan Ghogare 50 Shiniwas Kulkarni

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