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Migrate to global user page

request done:
Adailton (global account · recent activity · user pages)
  • go to User:Adailton on every wiki (except on metawiki)
  • and delete the page.
request_user = u'Adailton',
request_title = u'User:Adailton',
request_action = lambda bot: bot.delete(),
skip_existing = False,
skip_new = True,
skip_unregistered = False,
skip_wikis = ['metawiki'],
delete_summary = None,
edit_summary = None,

Adailton (talk) 00:00, 7 April 2015 (UTC)

Done! 52 user pages were deleted. One page was skipped due to a local block history (you can request deletion on that wiki or via Steward requests/Miscellaneous).
The following log shows what the bot did on each wiki. You can click the columns to sort the log.
timewikilogged action
23:02br.wikimedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:02commons.wikimedia.orgmarked for deletion (was 232 bytes).
23:02incubator.wikimedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:02www.mediawiki.orgskipped (no such page).
23:02meta.wikimedia.orgskipped (in skip list).
23:02wikisource.orgskipped (no such page).
23:02species.wikimedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:02test.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:02ace.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:02af.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:02als.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:02an.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:02ang.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:02ar.wikipedia.orgmarked for deletion (was 2143 bytes).
23:02arz.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:02ast.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 1517 bytes).
23:02ay.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:02az.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:02ba.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:02bat-smg.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:02bcl.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:02be.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:02be-x-old.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:02bg.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 121 bytes).
23:02bi.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:03bn.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:03bo.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:03en.wikibooks.orgskipped (no such page).
23:03eo.wikibooks.orgskipped (no such page).
23:03ia.wikibooks.orgskipped (no such page).
23:03it.wikibooks.orgskipped (no such page).
23:03pt.wikibooks.orgskipped (no such page).
23:03bpy.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:03br.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 1539 bytes).
23:03bs.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:03ca.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 214 bytes).
23:03cbk-zam.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:03ceb.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:03co.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:03cr.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:03cs.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 587 bytes).
23:03csb.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:03cy.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:03da.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 1518 bytes).
23:03www.wikidata.orgskipped (no such page).
23:03de.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 761 bytes).
23:03dv.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:03ee.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:03el.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 1510 bytes).
23:03eml.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:03en.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 621 bytes).
23:03eo.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 217 bytes).
23:03es.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 120 bytes).
23:03et.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 590 bytes).
23:04eu.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 201 bytes).
23:04ext.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:04fa.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:04fi.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 587 bytes).
23:04fiu-vro.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:04fo.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:04fr.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 755 bytes).
23:04frp.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:04fur.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:04fy.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:04ga.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:04gan.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:04gd.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:04gl.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 591 bytes).
23:04gn.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:04gu.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:04he.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:04hi.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:04hif.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:04hr.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 590 bytes).
23:04hsb.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 149 bytes).
23:04ht.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:04hu.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:04hy.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:04ia.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 267 bytes).
23:04id.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 590 bytes).
23:04ie.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:04ik.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:04io.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 613 bytes).
23:05is.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:05it.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 2170 bytes).
23:05ja.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:05jbo.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:05jv.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:05ka.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:05kk.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:05kn.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:05ko.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:05ks.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:05ksh.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:05ku.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:05kw.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 1934 bytes).
23:05la.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 615 bytes).
23:05lad.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:05lb.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 1541 bytes).
23:05li.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:05lij.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 1541 bytes).
23:05lmo.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 146 bytes).
23:05lt.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:05lv.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 172 bytes).
23:05mg.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:05mk.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 1541 bytes).
23:05ml.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:05mn.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:05mr.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:06ms.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 1541 bytes).
23:06mt.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:06mwl.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:06mzn.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:06na.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:06nah.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:06nap.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:06nds.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:06de.wikinews.orgskipped (no such page).
23:06en.wikinews.orgskipped (no such page).
23:06it.wikinews.orgskipped (no such page).
23:06pt.wikinews.orgdeleted (was 1036 bytes).
23:06nl.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 615 bytes).
23:06nn.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 1541 bytes).
23:06no.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 146 bytes).
23:06nov.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:06nrm.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:06oc.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 637 bytes).
23:06os.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:06pl.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 1539 bytes).
23:06pms.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:06pnb.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:06pt.wikipedia.orgskipped (user has a block history).
23:06qu.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:06en.wikiquote.orgskipped (no such page).
23:06pt.wikiquote.orgdeleted (was 922 bytes).
23:06rm.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:07ro.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 121 bytes).
23:07ru.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 149 bytes).
23:07sah.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:07scn.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:07sco.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:07sh.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 8 bytes).
23:07simple.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 146 bytes).
23:07sk.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 1539 bytes).
23:07sl.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:07en.wikisource.orgskipped (no such page).
23:07pt.wikisource.orgdeleted (was 417 bytes).
23:07sq.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:07sr.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 247 bytes).
23:07stq.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:07su.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:07sv.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 144 bytes).
23:07sw.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:07szl.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:07ta.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:07tet.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:07tg.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:07th.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:07tl.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:07to.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:07tr.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 1541 bytes).
23:07ug.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:07uk.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:08ur.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:08uz.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:08vec.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:08en.wikiversity.orgskipped (no such page).
23:08vi.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 1541 bytes).
23:08vo.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 342 bytes).
23:08en.wikivoyage.orgskipped (no such page).
23:08wa.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:08war.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 1855 bytes).
23:08yi.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:08yo.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:08zh.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:08zh-min-nan.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:08zh-yue.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:08zu.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
23:08de.wiktionary.orgskipped (no such page).
23:08en.wiktionary.orgskipped (no such page).
23:08es.wiktionary.orgskipped (no such page).
23:08fr.wiktionary.orgskipped (no such page).
23:08ia.wiktionary.orgskipped (no such page).
23:08is.wiktionary.orgskipped (no such page).
23:08pt.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 1197 bytes).
Pathoschild 23:25, 09 May 2015 (UTC)