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I do not plan to attend, but is it a good place to -

  • Explain various hackers how they can incorporate a way to look up Wikimedia contents using some application.
  • Recruit developers.

Tomos 00:27, 21 Dec 2004 (UTC)

Those are good ideas, but I think they would be more suited to the presentation being made by Tim and Brion than for this workshop. Angela 13:35, 22 Dec 2004 (UTC)
  • Universal wikidentity
  • Translation interfaces : translation-string database!
    • Also side-by-side user interface and 'dirty'/'clean' translation linkage (where appropriate)
  • Simultaneous editing: subethaedit, et. al.
    • Other methods of banishing jerky versions <==> supporting per-keystroke versions, while allowing for creating sth like on-demand restore points (like the current notion of a version)
  • Diversity of, differences and collaboration between different Wikimedia projects.
  • How to make MediaWiki more database friendly
    • Some recent initiatives like de:Wikipedia:Personendaten and Wikimaps/GeonamenDB GeoWikiDB but also tools for accessing MediaWiki pages (Crawlers) have shown a further need for a more database oriented perspective as well as technical and collaborative functions in MediaWiki (free text search metadata, categories vs. database links etc.)