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Third Endorsement


Unfortunately we didn't have time to write in time, but still: Wikimedia UG Georgia fully supports the candidacy of Yuri:

Endorsement from Wikimedia UG Georgia:

At the official media meeting (via Skype) Board of the Wikimedia UG Georgia on 30 April 2019, the Board Members unanimously decided:

  1. We believe that Yuri will be able to make a difference in the Board of Trustees of WMF, when Board Members are torn off and don't know what members of the Wikimedia project community need.
  2. Yuri was a member of the Wikimedia staff, so he can easily adapt to a new space and continue to work in good faith.
  3. Yuri is a multicultural person who lived and worked in different communities, so he knows the needs of different communities very well.
  4. Yuri is a professional programmer who makes a great contribution to the development of Wikimedia projects and with his contribution helps us, the members of the Wikimedia project team.
  5. Yuri is a sociable and friendly person.

— On behalf of Wikimedia UG Georgia Board of Trustees. --Mehman 97 14:34, 30 April 2019 (UTC)