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The Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees oversees the foundation and its work, as its ultimate corporate authority.


The Board was formed in 2003 with three Trustees, and since 2008 consists of up to ten Trustees. It appoints four officers: a Chair and Vice Chair (who have to be Trustees), and a Treasurer and Secretary (who do not). The work of the board partly involves resolutions and votes. Other work is delegated to a number of committees covering matters such as Board Governance, Audit, and Human Resources.

The Board currently comprises the following seats:

Contacting the Board[edit]

There is a Board noticeboard for sharing requests and recommendations. The Board can be contacted directly by either posting to the noticeboard, or by email to WMFboard at The Foundation itself can be contacted in a number of ways as outlined on their contact page.

Current members[edit]

Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees questions and answers session at Wikimania 2014
Photo Name Seat Role Term ends
Alice Dec 2012.jpg Alice Wiegand Appointed December 31, 2015
Frieda Brioschi.jpg Frieda Brioschi Affiliates Wikimania 2016
Guy Kawasaki.jpg Guy Kawasaki Appointed December 31, 2017
Jan Bart de Vreede Nov 2010.JPG Jan-Bart de Vreede Appointed Chair December 31, 2015
Jimmy Wales July 2010 crop.jpg Jimmy Wales Founder N/A
María Sefidari.JPG María Sefidari Community Wikimania 2015
Patricio Lorente 1.jpg Patricio Lorente Affiliates Vice Chair Wikimania 2016
Phoebe in front of the Wikipedia globe, 2010-06-15.jpg Phoebe Ayers Community Wikimania 2015
Samuel Klein Nov 2010.JPG Samuel (SJ) Klein Community Wikimania 2015
Stu West Nov 2010.JPG Stu West Appointed December 31, 2015

Former members[edit]

From the Board Chart template:

User:Raystorm User:Phoebe User:Lyzzy User:Patricio.lorente user:Bishdatta User:Phoebe User:Sj User:Akl User:Mhalprin User:Sj User:Midom User:Wing User:Michael Snow User:Midom User:Frieda User:Stu user:anthere User:Mindspillage User:Oscar User:Mindspillage User:Eloquence User:Jan-Bart User:Angela User:Anthere User:Mdavis User:TimShell User:Jimbo Wales Special:MyLanguage/Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees

User:Frieda User:Lyzzy User:Bishdatta User:Lyzzy User:Patricio User:Raystorm User:Phoebe User:Sj User:Stu User:Jan-Bart User:Jimbo Wales Special:MyLanguage/Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees


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