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In 2015 I've been elected to the Board of Trustees. I want to use this page to monitor and report my agenda and ideas for the movement (feel free to comment in the discussion). My initial priorities (June 2015) included (I'm striking out the issues addressed and list them below):

  • developing procedures and community control mechanisms for SuperProtect tool,
  • developing anti-harassment policies,
  • animating and developing our Advisory Board (possibly splitting it into Expert, Community, and Academic groups),
  • simplifying funding schemes (proven and good programs should get standard default funding from the FDC without the need to write detailed proposals),
  • including some of the WMF budget in the FDC feedback,
  • introducing community-elected liaisons to improve communication and feedback between the communities and the WMF and the Board,
  • creating a list of topics for external researchers and universities to pick (in the areas that WMF research team finds most interesting and promising), allowing external researchers to tap into our data, as well as universities support their Ph.D. candidates and researchers in a more structured way ("GLAM for universities") (added in July, 2015).


  • SuperProtect is gone! There have been a number of people who contributed to this success. My part was contacting WMF leadership every month since my appointment, to discuss the possibilities, as well as putting the formal request for status update about SuperProtect to all Board meetings.
  • Following with the Community Advocacy team, I returned to the community-approved widening scope of the Ombudsman Commission, that awaited resolution for 2 years, and, thanks to the support of the Legal Team, proposed the resolution by the Board, which successfully passed.
  • On January 15, 2016 Lila announced that ...the initial draft of the Annual Plan will be submitted using the FDC Format... and will be submitted for the FDC feedback.

About me:

I am currently an active user of Polish Wikipedia and one of its administrators, bureaucrats, checkusers, and (rarely) mediators. I am also present on en-wiki and, very sporadically, on commons. Globally, I served as a steward for three terms, as well as an ombudsman. I served as the chair of the Funds Dissemination Committee for 3 terms 2012-2015. In my off-wiki life, I am a (full) professor of management in Poland, studying open collaboration communities.

February 2016[edit]

Wikimedia-logo.svg 8–28: 2016 Steward elections' voting is running until 28 February 2016, 13:59 (UTC)
Crystal filetypes.png 1–16: Community discussion on the focus areas and proposed projects for Program Capacity and Learning, newly integrated team at WMF

January 2016[edit]

Wikimedia-logo.svg 18: Community consultation for the 2016 Wikimedia Foundation Strategy
Wikimedia-logo.svg 15–28: Candidate submissions for the 2016 Steward election ran until 28 January 2016, 23:59 (UTC)

December 2015[edit]

Crystal filetypes.png 13: RFC on password requirements for users with advanced permissions

November 2015[edit]

Wikimedia-logo.svg 20: Community Tech Community Wishlist Survey
Crystal filetypes.png 16: WMF Community Consultation on harassment

September 2015[edit]

Wikimedia-logo.svg 25: Request for comment: OAuth handover