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Local chapters and the like should form and change of their own accord. The board has too much to worry about without having to deal with the tough decisions of "Wikimedia France" vs. "Wikimedia francophone" and where chapters are formed and how staffed and who they serve. +sj+

I respectfully disagree. If I read that a direction for a french chapter is only to promote french languages, and that all money collected will go to that purpose only, I think I am right in reacting; Because first that mean a potential serious loss in income if all donations made by french speaking people is 100% drained without any of it being offered to support common architecture. Second because it is a first step toward breaking the project in pieces (fork). The first is critical to our activity. The second is critical to our whole concept. I see not joyfully a risk of parting, and I feel it is entirely within the bounds of the board to make it so that it does not happen. This absolutely does not mean in the least that the board itself should organise how the local chapter are managed. There must be a sensible balance between local autonomy of each chapter (according to local culture) and global control. I think it is part of the board job to ensure as well, that local chapter are represented and have a say in the global organisation. Anthere 05:45, 23 Jun 2004 (UTC)

PS : as for a couple of tough decisions, I would like to remind as well, that aside from being a trustee, I am also just a member of the french community. I am very involved in the creation of the french association, and I will just do everything I think is essential for it to fit the global scheme. Just as a local chapter godmother :-)