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Copied here from Anthere by MattisManzel:
Yes some of these ideas (like background colors for diff langs) sound just lovely. We could certainly do that -- have some kind of explicit note regarding the base language of a page (with the current grey for all languages at once). +sj+ 07:30, 24 Jun 2004 (UTC)

In theory, this should already be happening to a greater extent on Meta. I wonder how much input from non-English speakers would increase if MediaWiki ever develops an instantly translateable interface. Thinking on it more, doing this for many articles would probably descend into an unworkable Babel unless there was some very clever programming to keep things clear. -- Kwekubo 00:57, 10 Aug 2004 (UTC)

That's right. Probably. Probably one could also just start with the mentioned clever programmming rightawy. Let's develop a new terrawiki-engine full multilingual support on every page as a goal. First would be to port the colored backgrounds and the filter feature from OddMuse (that's the engine of CommunityWiki) to Mediawiki. But using another engine for theis experiment would be fine for me as well. There are plenty of them - which one would be best to use as a basis. On moinmoin it seems possible as well. This depends a lot on the developer communities, how engaged people will work on it. MattisManzel

Another idea for now. On Community-wiki we could create a truly multilingual example-page of a short and propperly synchronized wikipedia page that exists on many different wikipedias in many languages. What page could that be? MattisManzel

Templates for translating language names[edit]

Please see Meta:Templates for translating language names if you're interested in discussing the use of templates to translate names of languages into other languages (e.g., English in Japanese is 英語). - dcljr 07:22, 26 May 2005 (UTC)