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Leading question[edit]

The question and provided answers in the image to the right strike me as leading. Are respondants being asked what Wikimedia should use advertising revenue for, or whether Wikipedia should have adverts or not? What about those who don't believe there should be ads, but if they are to be used, they should be used for X. --Oldak Quill 18:14, 22 March 2008 (UTC)

I would have answered "All of the above, YES." But the question is confusing. The results total to 100%, so I assume that one could only pick one answer. But I don't know if that is true or not. It depends on how the percentages were arrived at, and more. More details are needed on the the poll instructions, numbers, calculations, options for answering, etc.. --Timeshifter 06:20, 30 March 2008 (UTC)

If this poll is run again ...[edit]

We might want to discuss a few new questions, here:

  • Do you use Wikipedia for your school homework? a) never, b) rarely, c) frequently.
  • What do your teachers say about Wikipedia as a reliable source of information? a) poor, b) be careful, c) excellent d) nothing.
  • After performing a search and seeing many different links, what would you click first? a) .org, b) .com, c) .edu, d) .net
  • In what type of class are you most likely to use Wikipedia? a) math, b) science, c) history, d) other.
  • What best charcterizes a Wikipedia article? a) I see too much information, 2) I can find what I need, c) I find new things.
  • A person vandalising Wikipedia articles is most likely: a) religious, b) political, c) unhappy, d) having fun. Doug youvan 17:10, 5 May 2008 (UTC)