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We realized today (March 15) that we deployed a bug 10 days ago to Programs & Event Dashboard which caused the start/end times of programs to show times in UTC but label them as the user's local time. This means that if you created a program (or updated the start/end times) between then and now, the times you put in be off from the times that the Dashboard actually tracked. The bug is fixed now, and to make sure that this didn't cause programs to miss edits that should have been counted, we adjusted the start and end times for every program either created during that time period, or that started and ended within that period: we set each to start 12 hours earlier, and end 12 hours later. If this is causing the Dashboard to record unwanted edits, it is now safe for program facilitators to change the start and end times back to the intended local times. These are the affected that we adjusted the start/end times for: