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Latest comment: 2 years ago by NguoiDungKhongDinhDanh in topic German/English language chaos

Renaming or noindex-ing after RFCs end[edit]

I have stumbled across Requests for comment/No username when titling any RFC, and I think it might be appropriate to consider ways to keep potentially unfair accusations out of search engines. Perhaps Requests for comment/Global ban for X, which could be misconstrued as an announcement about a decision, would sometimes become Requests for comment/Global ban proposal for X or Requests for comment/Global ban for X (failed) . In more extreme cases, the RFC might be retitled to remove the accused editor's name.

Another approach is to mark "failed" RFCs about a specific named individual with __NOINDEX__.

What do you think? WhatamIdoing (talk) 20:39, 8 February 2022 (UTC)Reply

German/English language chaos[edit]

I find it very discriminatory if I read the page for RFC in German, but the policy is only available in English. Even more confusing is the section on creating an RFC. Chaotic! --FolkertM (talk) 16:49, 10 April 2022 (UTC)Reply

@FolkertM: It is just that no one have translated it to German yet. You can help. NguoiDungKhongDinhDanh 16:59, 10 April 2022 (UTC)Reply